Where to swim in Oslo ,Trollvann

There are many nice places to swim in Oslo.
Oslo is such a nice city whereby you get to the nature in just few minutes near to most living homes.

This summer, we stayed on the Grefsen kollen Mt area and had found some really nice swimming spots which are less popular.

Well, to swim in the Sea, the famous known ones you can go by bus is Bydøy )where to Nude beach is, and beside it is Paradise bukta. Another place can be Hverven bukta which is on another direction.
Other than that, you can also swim by the harbour in Akerbryge , Tjuvholmen. It wont be that clean though.

Well, since we live less closer to the Mt this time, we are nearer to Fresh water lakes instead !!
The nearby fresh lakes are not only Trollvann)Higher and maybe colder water,
 but also Sognsvann (huge and popular),Nydalen or  Frisjå( Super clean water after the huge lake Maridalen that provides Water for Oslo peeps), 
So, we havent been much down to the beach and about 15 to 20mins walk uphill on a hot day, would lead me to Trollvann !!

It is about 30min from down town and Only on a Sunday you might get a bus that goes up there. Other than that, its bus 31E to Tosenhagen xpress and stop at Stig station and about 8min walk would bring you there!

Its a really small lake compared to Songsvann.
And Normally not that many people would come here as the public transport to here is not so frequent and the water can be much colder.
This place also has a ski lift centre in winter.

What I love about this place is that the view of the slope and red cabin there reminds me of a fjord vacation somewhere rural.

And on weekdays , its quiet and peaceful to just sunbathe and chill in the sun after a cold freezing swim.

However, they only have 2 deck boards and it might be quite a many people on a Sunday which is actually not that many but seems a lot cause its just a small place.

Around the forest there , you can find blueberries or mushrooms on the right season !!
Yumzzz !!!

And thats all about Trollvann,
Apart from that , just take a few min walk uphill and you will get to Grefsen kollen the Mt top and have a super nice night or day view of Oslo city !!

Thanks for Reading !


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