Backpacking in Maldives !

Ever thought that Maldives were only the place for the Rich?
Where only you get to stay in Luxury resorts and enjoy their underwater all by yourself ?

Well, No more ~!

As their governor now allows the local to make their own guesthouses,
you can surely now check out their culture and enjoy their clear sea water at a much lower budget.

We took Tiger airways from Singapore And our flight was delay to land but that was AWESOME !
Cause the view from above was amazing !! the amount of atolls was just so many and they were so gorgeous!
As we land, we changed our USD to Maldivian currency at their money changer in the airport.
WHY? Because being in Maldives, staying with the locals, its best to pay with their dollar & it's cheaper. Plus, if you have leftovers, you can only change back at the airport with the receipt of you had exchange there before.

We slept a night in Male, then took the early ferry to Thodoo Island. (6 Hours) 

Our previous day on Male, we got a tour of their mosque. 
Apparently, Maldivian speaks very good english !
And if you get sea sick, do eat some pills before that. Cause 6 hours is a long journey and It's very tiring.
I was enjoying a bit but then I got really sea sick afterwards.
At LAST ! We arrived Thodoo Island !!!
It's the Biggest Island on Maldives with lots of plantations.
 We booked online their local guest house ,
Holiday Cottage.
( Apparently it's cheaper to book online than on arrival)

We were welcomed as we arrived. They drove us on their bike to the hotel and I was amazed how nicely the reception area was decorated.
I loved the sand part as well !
And we had a welcome drink and cold towels served !
It felt classy for a Guest House for sure !!

Then, they drove us to the nearest beach which was solely tourist beach .
We can only wear Bikini on this part of the beach.
Not other places as they are a muslim community.

The Beach was surprisingly calm and we sure had a nice dip and swim ~ it was a bit too late to snorkel so after chillin on the beach, we headed back to our hotel.
PS: No Alchohol on this island at all.
It's forbidden.

The Next day , we went FISHING !!!!!!!!

And that was our YUMMMMY Dinner !!

The meal provided by our hotel was really good ! Even guests from other places would come over to eat !

Here, is what they call Sumo Roshi, it's mince tuna, coconut shreds and some spices with Roshi ( Roti) Flat bread.

Then one of the days, was the ONLY day we ever chilled WHOLE DAY by the beach !
Sun umbrella were provided by the hotels ~ BUT ! there is just too much moquitoes by the BEACH ~ So
We got ourselves a float boat and spent more time on the sea instead drinking ~
As for Snorkelling~ 
The corals are amazingly beautiful ! 
You can just swim out to the reefs and enjoy it ~
That sunset evening, He proposed......
More about it here.

And then Our dinner that night we had some local curry chicken about 10-20USD per meal in some local restaurant. Romantic candle light dinner~

And we got complimentary fruits !! :D
That night we went out to see the boat market where they will come collect the fruits and plantations from this island to be sent out to the rest.
PS: Do you know even drinking water bottles are imported in Maldives?
Electricities are generated from fuel.
Only one island (private hotel) generates with solar power.

And the Next day, we move over to another Island call MATHIVERI !
I'm now his Fiance~

We stayed at Mathiveri Inn and they came to collect our baggage. To our dissapointment,
that place was much dirty and not as pretty as Thodoo.
The villagers there weren't as friendly and the location of that Inn was very bad as it was too close to the mosque you would get a bad sleep everynight.

On Mathiveri, what's interesting is that Bikini beach on that island is quite dirty and not so nice. The best part is the small inhabitant island opposite where you can just swim across. 
We had our floating bed as our transport picnic materials and had a nice day spent on that inhabitant island.
Well, I was in my Bikini but hiding in the water most of the times.
You probably get the local stares if they see you in bikini.

On the ferry, we met some locals from that area and made friends with them. 
We were tired from the hotel food and choices so we decided to ask them to make dinner for us and we will pay them the same as the hotel meals !~
And they sure did not fail to surprise us as their home cooked local food was way much better !!

On our way back we stopover Rashdoo Island, a local there showed us around and we had an awkward moment as he didn't wana let us be alone ~ !
Well, too friendly I supposed.

Anyways, he left and we got a short swim and explored parts of this island to realize that it's quite dirty. We met some couple whom spent their time on Rashdoo and they said it was much dirty than what they expected.
We were glad we did not stay there at all ~!

And then.. the Looongg ferry trip back to Male

Where we got to spent time with a local friend, checkin out their fish market full of HUGE TUNAS!

And lots of yummy local food !
Even the restaurants in Male was only about 3usd per meal compared to the hotel meal rates ~!

We had a day drip to the Island opposite Male, the Villingilli.

There were strict signs no bikinis on certain beaches

On the tourist beach , there you can see Male , and believe me,
Even it's so close to the city~ It's clear waters !!!

There are some naughty boys/teenagers that would spy on girls in Bikinis though~ 
so watch out !

So, Don't worry !
If Maldives is one of your dream destinations, 
Just Go there !! Air Asia now also offers to Maldives on a cheap rate or you can try Maldivian airlines,
Make sure you book the guests houses in Maldives that are available on the ferry ride.
And be sure that it's not too far away as you might need a long hours on the ship/ ferry ride to get there.
Enjoy and Thanks for Reading !!



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