Cool ninja shrines in Kamakura


Kamakura was the stop after Tokyo and the main shopping street there was quite touristy as they claim Totoro is from this town. ( some tourist gimmick)

Anyways, we walk along the road and found this shrine call Sasuke Shrine.

It totally caught my attention when I saw the name of this shrine as it reminds me of Naturo anime.

The shrine was not as popular as others and there were lots of stairs to get up here!
But beautiful tori gates though~

And lots of Fox statues !!
In my mind I was screaming, Naruto !!!!!!

And mini Narutos ~!!!!

Unfortunately, we have no idea what kinda shrine it is as no one was here to even explain to us~

So I call it Ninja shrine~! 

If you ever know the Naruto anime, it's all about Ninja, and the main character Naruto, when he gets angry, he turns into a super powerful fox. 

 I have no idea whatsoever history about ninja and foxes but all I know I like the Naruto anime.

And if you know about it~

Photo credits of Christian Bjerknes
Do comment and tell me what's with the mini fox statues and Naruto ~ !

Thanks for droppin by~
And so, If ur in Japan, Kamakura, don't miss out this place !

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