Cruise to Kiel, Germany 2012

2012 was the first time i ever went on a cruise ship and here's how I felt on it !
Of course being first time in scandanavia, I was also terrified of cold and wore lots of layers despite it was SUMMER!~ 
But now no more ;p

I was sure excited cause this cruise trip was to Germany and again it would be my first time checkin out Germany!

As usual, we checked in the centre and waited at the waiting area before boarding. While waiting they had dancing performance in that area to keep the passengers entertained!

As we enter in there, I was sure surprised as it looked so BIG  like a mall inside & with glass elevator!

There is also a restaurant with the view of the sea
And after dropping our luggages, we went out to see the sea and the fjords !!

And we bought some duty free things in the mart as it was super cheap compared to purchasing them in Norway !
I got to try a tiny bottle of Norwegian's potato liquor, known as the Aquavit.
It's not a favourite ~ but tiny enough for a try!

And we got this to drink on the deck watching the sun set ~! It's sure yummy!

It was quite windy around the corridor area so we hide behind the less windy areas.

And from the top deck you can see the indoor waterpark !
Too bad in 2012 we didnt had a go pro camera then couldnt show you how it looked like inside~ 
But this year we are going for this cruise again and will bring our Gopro in there !
There is an entrance fee to enter about 80-140Kr per person.

And at night there are performances on board ~
They are really good in singing and dancing!

Next morning , we got the wakeup call and woke up early to see the sea view upon arriving Kiel, Germany,

And we arrived !! We have about 2-4 hours in Germany so it was a good time for us to walk around, check out Kiel as it's my first time there.

First, was the German's train !~ Well they are famous for it 

And churches




And .... we walked into a mini Casino that looked like a cyber centre!
We thought this was super cool and took a picture but then there came A FAT OLD LADY security SHOUTING in German to us ! We didnt understand anything and she chased us out Shouting at us #$^%&^*&(*@#%$~ 
And pointed the No Camera sign.
WTF, we walked away and felt annoyed for being scolded without understanding a thing.
Weird how it affects us even though we didn't understood her.

And of course , we tried their BRATWURST!!!!!!

It was SOOOOO YUMMMY!!!!!!!!!

We walked around the city and did some shopping as Germany is SOOO CHEAP ! Much cheaper than Norway and some probably compared to Malaysia~!

And we got back to the ship and since it was a good weather,
lots of people are having a nice Sunbathing session on the deck

Whereas some were enjoying the "view"

And we bought these alchohol from Germany out of curiousity !
Honestly, 1 was good enough~ cause they both were so sweeeeet & we got a sweet phobia for sometime after this.

And from the TV, we get to see if there is a good weather out there.
But last year,2014, we decided to upgrade ourselves to the window view cabin which was much more worth it ! And so as this year ~~ It's much better to view it with our own eyes than seeing it from the TV !
Here are some snacks we also bought from Germany which was YUMZZZZZ

And that night~ I went for a Free Salsa classs & went to check out the performance again !!

This time.......... Its some acrobat in it ! On a rocking Ship !!
They were sure good in balancing !

And that's my first time on this cruise and I Love it !!
Since this trip we had been going on various cruise trips to Denmark as well but with other cruise lines.
So far Colorline is the best Cruise ferry compared to the ones we had been on but of course the more expensive ones.

Nevertheless, it's sure much prettier view and cheaper than those cruise in Asia. 

And so If you are in Kiel Germany and thinking of Coming Oslo, probably you can try this out.
With promotion, this Cruise costs only from RM500 for 3days 2 nights.

Check out
for more info !

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!



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