Walking and exploring Nara,Japan


After being around Osaka, I started dressing up like a Japanese on our next day trip to Nara ~
Here's while waiting for the train.
After a few min walk after the train station, there indeed we saw so many deers around.

And they seem to don't car about the humans~ eventhough they cut off their antelope.
and I bought a fake one to tempt em ~

We were so lucky to Spot Sakura in Nara !! There wasnt any Sakura yet in Osaka then ~

And some Japanese love to travel around with their cute dogs ! 

Nara reminds me of the Chinese myth God story of Naza, I wonder are they the same?

And in front of the shrines, the deers were just everywhere on the streets!

This is the first place that look kinda like Tori Shrines i been to.
Was too excited to take a pic with it before going to Kyoto~

And we found some old streets with asian size restaurant / houses.

Then after, we went back Osaka and then flew off to Hokkaido the next day ~
Here to read about Backpacking in Hokkaido.
And After Hokkaido, we flew to Tokyo.

How weird after 3 years, I still remember the routes we planned.
Somehow I remember Japanese names better than korean names . 


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