Hotel Villa Daphne ,Sicily, Italy Review

Arriving midnight to our hotel was quite tiring but the sight of Hotel Villa Daphne made us relief as we could sleep at last !

One of the reason we chose this Hotel was that it was near to the Bus station & Bondi Beach and of course has a cheaper price compared to Hilton or some other 5 star hotels by the beach.

We came with Star Tour and the tour bus stopped in front of our hotel and check in was very fast as their staffs were all ready and super friendly.

It has a very modern facilities with traditional decorations.
We took the lift up eventhough it was just 1 floor up !
It's only 2 floors but this hotel surprisingly has a lift ~

What a pretty hallway, they said the deco is inspired by the sicillian style.
And our Bed, furnitures around are also inspired by the Sicilian style.
In buil aircond, minibar, tv with BBC channel, hairdryer, hotwater and of course HUGE MIRRRORS !!!!!

We had 2 single bed combined looking lika King size bed and the corner is an extra bed/ sofa where we use to chunk our clothes aside . 
Out we  have a huge balcony with the pool view but we barely use it anyways. 
Our toilet came with a tub,

AND 2 Toilet BOWLS !!!
Emm... not really, It's a bidet on the left and apparently after your business , you sit on the bidet and wash there instead.
That is sooooo unefficient ! Why can't they get those Japanese high tech toilet bowls where you press a button that would wash for you instead. And that towel is gonna be reuse after washing several times by other guests ~! 

Ok... another culture shock for me ~

And the Hotel pool ~

We only use them in the evening after we got back from the trips.

Travelling VS Vacation
We are so not those ppl that would stay hotel and hotel area only when we are in a new place.
Thus, it's kinda a pity for us to enjoy the hotel facilities especially those 5 stars one ~
As for this small cozy hotel, it was sure worth it !!
It only takes 1 min to walk down to the pool ~!

PS : There is a hidden button to trigger the jacuzzi in the pool !
We didnt even know it untill the 3rd day we saw someone did that ~

And no worries, there is sure pirvacy in the pool area when the sun is gone~ 
The pool chairs are much modern too !

Everything seems super nice, clean and new in this hotel ~

And Not to Forget, We were so Unlucky cause the reception told us,

I'm Sorry to tell you have to change your room,
We got upgraded to the Jr,Suite !


The Jr. Suite was much bigger and spacious and the KIG size bed was a King size Bed !
The balcony was much smaller though but there was much more privacy at the corner without the pool view. 

PLUS ! We dont need the pool jacuzzi as we have our own jacuzzi in the Bathroom !!!
And 2 sinks ~! No more fighting while brushing our teeths 

Weeee ~!! 
I sure had my bubble bath !!!

And Every morning Breakfast was just soo yummy !!!!
I always wake up early to enjoy our breakfast buffet~!

Everyday we get to try out different cheeses !!
This is one of my favourite bake cheese~

And diff kinds of salami , even horse salami ~!

And Ohhhh ~their dessert tart is always to die for~ it's different tart desserts everyday too !
This one is the cheese tart ~

Crossiont are a bit dry though

And so are the breads are a bit too hard for me so i always prefer the bun, smoke bacon, cheese and omellete ~

Yummy !

We stayed a week in Villa Daphne and was extremely satisfied with their customer services.
The staffs were extremely friendly, way much friendly than those we met on the streets asking questions/ directions. Gave us good tips on where to checkout. And of course , the room cleaning service was amazing as we always come back to new fresh sheets and our room always smells so good !

Well , the hotels in Italy sure surprised us as our previous tours to Grand Canaria and Crete was more of an apartment. It sure has the Hotel standard in Sicily and we totally recommend this place for a comfort place near the beach ~

We realize after walking around Giardini Naxos centre, the beaches around there were not as nice as bondi beaches and most are private. Apart from the beach, being in Sicily, if you can't drive or dont wana rent a car, taking the public bus around to see sights nearby is way much better than hanging out on the beach !

The View in Taormina, Forza de Agro, Castella Mola, Isobella~ they are just so gorgeous !!

We will surely come back to Sicily again not with a tour as It is way too huge to explore just one small part ~!

Thanks for reading !


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