My first Japanese Hotspring in Toya

Being in Japan for the First time ~ 

What i got to experience was not only cherry blossom but also Snow In Hokkaido !

It was snowing as we arrived the airport!!  Super HAPPY!

Then, our first stop after Sapporo was Toya ~
Toya lake is mostly popular in the Summer where they have fireworks festival.

Well, being in Winter, we have the place to our OWN !

And so, the first thing we wanted to experience after awhile was HOTSPRING!!!
And I specially wanted the one with a view eventhough our japanese friend do not recommend that.
( Apparently Japanese go to Hotsprings not for the View but for the clarity of the water)
And it cost 800Yen for the hotspring

I wasn't alone but too shy to bring my handphone in there as it was my first time and the rule is NO Handphone.

But the Bf was alone with our friend and they got some photos !~
Mine was much better as we were on the roof~!!

It was sure the best way of relaxing in a hot tub and enjoying the view.
I find it more relaxing than a massage ~

And that's how I started to fall in love in Onsen~

After that, i sure felt rejuvenated !

And HUNGRY !!!!!!!!! 
We ate miso ramen and it was super yummy !

This old japanese lady was an actress before, she said : if she were to reincarnated, she wants to be an Indian ~!

Her shop is just by the lake ~

And nearby, we checked out the volcanic musuem.
This was baxk then when the volcano erupt on hokkaido

Then after, we visited our friend's friend bookstore whereby the owner is a gundam geek !

They were super cute !!!!

The neighbourhood and out in the snow ~!

And my doraemon closet room~! I fit in it !

Here, was where I first learnt how to make Okonomiyaki ~!!
I still make it very often now and then !

Toya was sure a place with so much memories of us hanging out with our friends and meeting their friends as well ~

All thanks to them to make this place so special for us !!!

That's what amazing about travelling at times, 
the people you meet are the ones that sets the memories, not the scenery.

And Thanks for Reading!!


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