My First time to Japan-Osaka

2013, On my brithday, the Bf (now fiance) gave me a Big birthday surprise!!!

2 tickets for A Month trip to JAPAN !!!!!!!!

And so we started off at Osaka !
I still remember then, it was like a dream come true ~
I always dreamt of going to Japan as I have always been a fan of anime and cute stuffs !

was where I first met Sumos 
Did crazy lots of shopping on Japanese products,

Not yet influenced by the Japanese fashion wear yet,

First time seeing a cool boat like this !

Posing at the famous shopping areas,

And walk A LOTTTT ~~~~~

Taking pics with stuffs I dont even know WTF it is

Seen , eat and tasted the authenthic takoyaki

See Love motel for d 1st time !

And crazy amount of bicycles in the middle of the city !

And of course tasted a lot of good food including the Okonomiyaki !

Yummy !!

The first time in Japan , i remember I was super excited, everything was so foreign that I wanted to take picture of almost everything unique ~ 
As for fashion wise, I sure did felt underdress compared to the Japanese in Japan.

Thus, after being awhile in Japan, I did lots of shopping and started dressing up like those cute Japanese dolls !

Food, was amazing ! I first time treid Gyu-don, Udon, Soba, Shushi, shashimis ,etc !
They all tasted so much better than in Malaysia and moreoever, I learnt how to buy food coupon from the machine.

Not to Forget their toilets, I love how convenient it is everytime we want to go to the loo and walking into a Lawson, Family mart or 7eleven wont make you feel awkward if you dont buy anything but just wana use the toilet. Plus, it's sooo clean and has lots of buttons !

Houses in Japan sure amazed me with such a tiny space and they can even fit in a bathtub in the tiny bathroom in most places. Plus, I found out that the doraemon closet was a storage for matress and that kids sleep in it cause it's dark and warmer in it ! 

Well, after Osaka, our journey continues as we explore other common touristy parts of Japan ~!
That's a must when being in Japan for the 1st time !



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