Robots in Tokyo

Flying from Hokkaido to Tokyo with Jetstar was sure a nice experience as we were given free earphones on the plane ! 

We stayed in Shibuya and find it quite interesting exploring Tokyo.
Shopping in Shibuya turn out to be not very cheap after all but we found some good deals in Ueno /Akihabara and Shinjuku !!

There are always super cool grafittis in most places !

Well, looks like we got to witness 
The famous rain scene of Shibuya from the World War Z movie scene.

And back n 2013, this was NEW !

Well, a thing not to miss is to try out the arcade !

And take pictures with some robots we spotted around Shinjuku !

2013, when Bumble bee was still Popular !~~

And some other robots around. Apparently, they are selling /promoting tickets to watch a RObot Erotic show !
But we weren't interested to see naked robots dancing lol !

Touching them in Shinjuku was Good enough !

It's totally unlike in Phuket whereby if you take photos with the transexuals and are being forced to pay them ~ Here, in Shinjuku, it's free to take picture with Robots and even touching them ! LOL

It's just amazing how much weird or cool unique stuffs you get to see while travelling !

That's why walking is the Best form of sight seeing !! You won't missed out !!

This autumn 2015, we are gonna go Tokyo again~ !
Hmmm,,,,,I wonder what are the changes back then and now .

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