When I was in Manilla.

Manilla is the first place I had ever been on Philliphines and we stayed at our friends place in Makati.

Little did we know, that area would be much different from the others around.

Her place was really huge and cozy
Moreover, we had the best times with their kids ! 
Their kids were just so adorable !!!
We miss them so much~
The first day around Manilla, 
We walked around Makati.

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Found a church surrounded by water !

Pretty Church !

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

And then we went to the shopping mall by the harbour.
Mall of Asia.

And tried Jolly bee in Makati, realized that they DO NOT serve plastic straw there.

Then the next day we went Intramuros

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Then we went across the river from Intramuros close to China town became a culture shock for us.

Still not yet shocked.

There, street kids were begging for money,
people stared at us strangely, 
I saw a street teenage boy placed his hands into another young teenage girl shirt in public.
house made of card board behind the shophouses and lots of homeless people.
I was sad, but the advice was not to give any money as more will come to you.

It was a stressfull place to sightsee and we just couldnt stand it and walked back over the other side.

Believe me, the horns are LOUD here.

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Back in Intramuros, it's more peaceful yet I can't forget what I had seen on the other side.

We then later had some cronuts !
back then 2013 it was still not available in Malaysia !!!

And tried some food~ 

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

It was surely a mix feeling travelling in such a place.
I do feel much priviledge and blessed than before.



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