Zombie Hanami Party in Kyoto



To most people would be famous for the shrines, and traditional stuffs.

Yet, it's the first place I did zombie makeup in Japan for the first time.

As it was the Cherry blossom season, Japanese would usually have a Hanami party underneath the cherry trees. Yet, this time, it's a party underneath the bridge.

Makeup in Progress

We all got to socialized a bit and back then my Japanese sucks so I couldnt communicate much but some Japanese dudes told me I was : Kawaaii ~!! :D

Makeup for my buddy Simon!

From 24degrees in the afternoon to 8degrees cold in the night. I had 1 leather jacket on and I was shiverring. These guys got drunk, dared each other to swim in their undies in the river ! LOL

Our friend Akira in the middle whom invited us for this event !

And as usual, the Asian thing, GROUP PHOTO !!!!!!!

Im the tiger ~ :P

It ended up we had a night chillin at Starbucks in our makeup before we left back home.
What a day !!!

One part I would never forget ever in Kyoto.
Whatever stays in Kyoto, stays in Kyoto :D

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