100yen Kaiten Sushi Restaurant in Japan

Travelling in Japan is fun but sometimes it can be a bit complicated when orderding food in different restaurants. 
Everytime we go for sushi, its always with friends and they will do the ordering for us.

Yet this time, we decided to go on our own !
In a more modern kaiten sushi restaurant, there are some steps to do to get u in place.
So the first thing when you enter the store is to get your ticket number for a seating.
 The one with the BOX meaning u will get the private bench seating area. While the one of the right is faster but just like a bar area. The private seating one would require a longer wait as it has a higher demand.

Then choose how many people and then click the left button below to continue and it will then print out the ticket number. On the ticket, it will state roughly how long more to wait.
Then when its ur turn, the hostess will demonstrate u on how to open the cover to take out sushi plates from the train.
Some restaurants will indicate colour plates for different prices sushi. This one we went , all are only 100¥per sushi.
And since we are not so good at understanding what kinds of sushi they had, we chose to order from their order pad by our table. We got a warning whenever the order is arriving. The plate will then slide super fast from the above sectiom directly to our table !!

Here we ordered grilled cheese salmon and grilled tuna

Yummmmmyyy ! They were so fresh and quite big pieces of sashimi!
These were the Aomori famous fresh scallops
And this, my favourite !!! Grilled Cheese bacon sushi. Owhh the taste of it was just heavenly!!!
Grilled skin salmon where u get the crispy skin taste but still the freshness of the sashimi.
And this was mince tuna with soft boiled egg sushi.
And so much more!!! All of them were so yummy

Later that night, we went Hirosaki castle and got to see some really gorgeous night illumination of the autumn leaves around the garden.




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