5days in BUSAN

How to get to Busan?

Well, there are various transportations but we decide to take the train from Gyeongju as we believe there is a nicer view/ scenery from taking the train~!

How to Get around Busan ?

Train as Well ! Their subway system is very efficient and easy !
Most famous spots are easy to get to.

Here's a picture of us experiencing like a Korean King and Queen on the Busan International Film Festival

Our first Stop - 

Unlike Seoul, Busan tower doesnt have much steps and it was not as touristy as well.

Well,for those who like, they can also do their love padlock here as well !

We came there in the evening and waited for the sun to set.
The view from there was really pretty.
I love to se a view of harbours~
A sea of city of light are just sometimes too commercial and boring..

It's a cafe on the top and you can order drinks or snacks there too ~ And Scribble the table !!
The evening view was amazing ~

That night , we went to a local bar to chill out and this singer dude came up to me asked for my number !!! He thought I was a Korean so he spoke Korean but I replied : "Sorry, i don't understand" ~

Next day, we went to check out the Market where they sell Fubu !

And we saw how the people were cleaning the building !
With just strings and no protection at all.
A car which became an Aquarium

And then, the famous Beach, Haeundae !
Where the movie was flimed.

We came on a Busan Flim Festival time and there were lots of activites around by the beach.

FOC Things to do BUSAN
-Busan Flim Festival

We got invited into one of the exhibited tents and made our own souveniers ~

And they let us try on this wedding outfit . Plus they gave me 2 free facial wash after answering some questionairs about medical tours. Apparently they want to know about tourist coming over Korea for plastic surgery.

And the girl on the left told me I don't have to do plastic Surgery at all ! LOL
Thanks for that compliments.
I was still curious how much it would costs so I asked about Nose Surgery:
Well It costs about 5000USD

I got my blood Pressure checked for Free too !!

We then walked over the other side of the beach and got a nice view of the sunset and harbour night view.

Dip in the Hotspring FootBath by Haeundae Beach

And then ended our night with some hot spring foot bath by the beach.
It's FOC too !!

The Next day, we started our morning checkin out the Russian town. Ohh~ it's known as the Red Light District and it doesn't look so Red light in the Morning ..
Chill at the Beach again ~ What I love about the beaches here is that there is so much facilities build around that it's so comfy to not sit in the sand and have free benches around !

Ice cream eating AGAIN~ !!!

And we took a bus ride to the Temple by the sea- 

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Sure worth to get there as it's quite unique with lots of stack rocks formed into a like a bell shape.

And then we decided to go back to the Busan International Flim festival as there will be Superstars Red Carpet that night !!!!
We got a chance to even wear the King anf Queen Hanbok ( Korean traditional Outfit) this time and with a nicer background !

And free teaa !! ( Non-alchohol though )

There was a big screen and teenages will be standing on a square dancing as they see themselves in the screen dancing with korean celebrities. Do mind it was (2012) back then and it seems like a cool technology then !

There were more people this time as it's the Red carpet day and so we stayed there awhile and realized, we don't really know much of the Korea celebrities anyways,
This was the epic highlight of the day where we spotted this on the beach ! !
And so, instead of checkin the Red carpet, we went to try our first JimJiBang !!!!! I wanted to do this as I have seen in the dramas. HurShimChong Spa was the biggest around and we gave it a try.

It was weird at first as it's the first time I ever been to a public bath place. But in the end it turn out fun as I get to try out different hot spring pools and some water splash massage. It was quite interesting to see how young and good the skin of the older ladies there. Fortunately, no one spoke to me cause I probably look like them as well~

Then later, we had our night chillin by the beach again ! but this time, 
it's the famous night scene on the Gwangan/Gwangalli Beach.
Too bad we were not there on a festive time as there they would have grand fireworks and water projecting arts on this beach.
However, we were offered a free mini Fireowork stick ~ We still had a nice time chillin there
Shopping in Busan time ~
 Jagalchi Market

Gukje Market
& Bujeon Market 
It was sure fun walking around these market shopping areas as they are so crowded ,hyper and 
surprisingly cheap !

Some even have better deals than in Seoul !
I even bought a pair of contact lens for only 5000Won ( RM15)
And they were from a proper optical shop.

We then later went to check out a mall with a view and playground on the rooftop.

They even have PIGLETS !! SO CuTE !!!

And then , the next day we had to catch out flight to Jeju island !
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