5reasons to choose Backpacking travel.

It's been some years I have been travelling with just a carry on Backpack and I find it way much better than those big wheels luggage.

PS: This posts is not for those whom aren't able to walk or carry heavy items on their back. 

So Why Backpack when you are travelling?

1) Less hassle

Less hassle in the airport, getting onto public busses, walking on bad roads and etc.
With just a backpack, checking in makes it much easier that I won't worry about my overweight check in luggage. It became extra heavy as well to drag the luggage in some countries that has no lifts or escalators. Plus, dragging luggage wheels on dirty or pot holes roads are just frustrating. Then again you have to face those stupid curbs or maybe even breaking your luggage in the middle of a road. 

2) Time saver 
Imagine if you are late for your flight or check in, are you able to run really fast with the rolling luggage?
When you arrive the country, what's best about having the backpack carry on is that I need not to go collect any check in luggage. 
 Plus, at times you can even skip the long queu as it's much easy to run or walk fast with a backpack.

3) Good Work out 
Backpacking is sure a good way of working out your back muscles and even toning your arms as you need to frequently lift up the bag and place it on your back. Do note that you need to carry it the right way in order not to sprain or hurt your back. Within these years, I have seriously lost some weight from just the backpacking travels. 

4) Money Saver
Over the long run, you don't really have much to worry about if the wheels are worn out on a backpack.
You wont get so frustrated with the rolling luggage or worry for it that you don't even need to do wrappings to protect the backpack, nor worry about taking taxi so it's less of a hassle.

5) Better Security 
Most of the times I find Backpacks are much safer as the bad guys will tend to avoid robbing them as you might seem more tough or less well off. Other than that, If you have the backpack as a carry on, you won't have to worry about your lost check in or stolen items from your check in baggage.
Further more, there are not much zips in a backpack which makes it a bit hard for people to try cut through it or easily open to steal your things in the backpack as they will need to Digggggggg through a lot to find some "valuables"


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