Backpacking in Melbourne

Melbourne City itself is an interesting place to visit. As I step into the city, i realize walking from one place to another isnt far or maybe i wouldn’t even realize how far I have walked to. Most of the buildings in the city are of different unique architectures which made me subconsciously walk throughout most area without feeling tired at all. Of course, what surprises me was the majority of Asians in the city which is totally opposite what I had thought of. Besides, the vast variety of food choices made it seem familiar and fun to try out. However, due to the high exchange rate of currency from RM to AUD, I couldn’t try every bit of those foods. Yet, I do realize that most ladies there do make an effort to dress up which even affected my self esteem. Trams , Trains and Buses are the public transport provided to go to the city. Well, trams are pretty interesting train alike which travels on the road with cars. It isnt that fast yet it transport people nearby the city as some would prefer not to walk from one end to another. It’s very convenient as everything is on the road and to get the ticket for a day would costs around $7 something.( Concession cards are for students/ older folks/ unemployed/ tourist should pretend they don’t know what is this when they get caught with this card ) Yet, there is an Old tram that travels around the city to bring about tourists around the City- ITS FREE !!
Melbourne Central
It has a Building within a building and placed at a strategic location near their National Library and RMIT University. Most people meet up at this place as its small enough to spot their friends. There is a train line towards Melbourne Central.
China Town
This is a very narrow long street yet shops along this streets sells unique Chinese products. There are various Chinese restaurants along this street and one of them is Spicy Fish where we ordered mix vege, crocodile meat with XO sauce( VERY YUMMY ,meat very SPonGY not too tough, Strongly recommended), Kangaroo meat sweet and spicy sauce- ( Has a sour smell, meat taste Squishy, Sauce quite spicy and Sour.. No one ate this finish.. YUCK for me! There are Clubs around these streets at night too but i had never been there before.
CROWN Casino
Located alongside the River, around this area there is a pillar that shoots out FIRE at Night in one row which really warms me up during the winter. Would be a nice place for couples to walk around and chill around this area . In Crown, gambling is a must for new comers, but not for me. There are a few bars around crown as well as branded boutique stores which opens till quite late in crown. Yet, I went to the arcade area and it WAS SOO DIFFERENT !! There are most varieties, more games for real and even the ones i saw in TRON movie!~~  Didnt play much too , too old for it.
Lavish Club
Located nearby Crown, quite small area for a club. There are limited seats available. There is an outdoor area which has a nice view of the river behind. The club is brighter than all the clubs i went before which is good that you can see your dancing opponent clearly. It is quite a happening club to be at though the area is limited.
Neverlands Club
The biggest club I ever been to. Tons of people queue to enter the club. Has 2 outdoors and big stage for ladies or guys to go up and show their talent. Not many are spectators as most enjoy their dance companion.  Music on Friday night are mostly commercial RnB songs which is what the CROWD loves Most !! Not many people like to sit in the club most prefer to stand or dance or even walk around finding their friends. As the club was so big, somehow certain places looks messy and ppl scattered everywhere.

Here, there are various nice art sculptures around here, nice place to just walk around as not many people come around this area. Besides here they do have an Ice skating rink which cost about $18 without rental skates. Skaters can choose to skate in the rink or into the hockey ice. The ice skating rink is quite average comparing to the Malaysian ice skating rink it should be bigger yet it’s colder. The ice after resurfacing is smooth and wet however after awhile it turn rough and doesn’t melt unlike Sunway ice skating’s ice rink.
Eureka Tower
It has a very unique architecture as certain parts of the design arch out of the building. Besides, lift is efficient as within less than a minute we’re high up 88 floors without any changes much in the ear pressure. Snacks corner and restaurant are on the tower and best it doenst limit a person time being on the tower. It would be best to view it during the dawn and watch till everything turns dark and see the bright lighted up city. The scenery is breathtaking especially to go outdoor which can feel the breeze, yet, winter would be super cold. Such place would be suitable for a romantic dinner. What Im amazed of that they even have their own eureka tower DOLL which is pretty creative.

Melbourne Art Centre
I’ve never entered this centre yet walking around this centre taking picture of their unique architecture and other art projects around would be fun instead of walking indoor seeing some exhibition. There are also unique bridge decorations around the way to eureka tower.
Chadstone mall and Doncaster Mall
Chadstone is quite an older but yet big mall with various luxurious brands available in this mall. This mall is situated out of the city which differs from Malaysia as here all branded brands are in the city. Whereas Doncaster is a newer mall located at Doncaster. Here too have many people as well as Village cinemas .

Carribean gardens
To enter this area you have to pay $2.50 per person. Open only during the weekends and there are various rides depending on the weather. Chairlifts, Jungle Train and many more. Great place for couples, families to hang out and spend time together. There is also a market available to buy cheap souvenirs and many more items such as second hand techno gadgets.

**Oldest Shop houses in Melbourne
These shops were present during the earlier wars and nothing much has changed within the architecture and design of these shop houses which is Super COOL !! even the signboard remains same hundred years !
**Flea Market
This market sells any goods and can sell whatever at a price they want. Even furnitures can be sold here ! Clothes, shoes and many others can be bought from $1 which is very very cheap and this market is only open during Sundays and Morning! So if u like cheap 2nd hand goods remember to wake up come here !
Planet Shakers Church
Being famous for their song bands around the Christianity- protestant world, their songs such as : One Way Jesus and many more has sold out tons of albums throughout the world and held various concerts every part of the world. The size of this church isn’t Big yet the worship and ministry is still strong and good.

Enchanted Maze

This area is on the way towards Mornington and passing by Franklin point will allow you to view spectacular scenery of the sea. At first glance, this maze seemed more for a kids place yet entrance fee of $26 is worth to be around this area as it is big as well as the various art sculptures decorated around this place is really nice. There are various creative maze such as the tyre maze, 3D maze and many more off my expectations.

Mornington Peninsular

Stopping by around here thinking of finding a place to ride a horse on the beach yet we couldn’t find the place furthermore it was dawn~~~Nevertheless, still a nice place to chill, eat chips, watch the dawn. What’s different with the sands is that they are so dark BROWN and there are grasses and bushes growing around it! Different  from the beaches i ever been to and there are also small colourful huts on the beach which is a nice place to take photo as well ;D

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting
On the way towards Lake mountain, Yarra Valley wasn’t what i was expecting off. I thought it as a town yet it was like entering into different wine yards which of some are nicely decorated and some just plain simple. The one we went was very classy and wine testing requires a fee of $5~Yet there are others that provides Free wine tasting as well.

Lake Mountain
Spectacular view on the way to the mountain as i had never ever seen such scenery in our countries before. The amount of snow wasnt as much as we expected as it was early winter. Vehicles to enter to Lake mountains require to pay a fee. As this place isnt as popular as Mt buller, or maybe it's still new, more constructions are on as we went up and the only activity was turborg ( Sliding down snow with a tray?) the snows were mostly artificial man made snow as it wasnt very cold when we reach there. Then we walked up another hill to see ourself real natural snow on the top. Indeed the real snow is more fine than the manmade snow. It was fun as no one was up there we had lots of our fun personal times :)



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