Backpacking in Sri Lanka

I had always wondered what would it be like travelling in Sri Lanka and would it be dirty and crowded like the documentaries shown of India.

Well, here's how we both started.

Flying all the way from Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia, 
We landed off at Katunakaye, walked out of the airport and got "harrased" by tuk tuk drivers to drive us to the nearest Bus station.

Well, it was quite tough to get rid of them and about 15min walk, 1km plus, we arrived the Bus stop, and took the bus towards Gampaha and had a night spent there with a local family.

During our stay with them , we visited a local temple nearby and had the experience of walking barefoot in it. It was quite painful so we decided not to skip the temple UNESCO site areas.
In Gampaha, there is not much to do but shopping and eating their local soy chain icecream. 
I bought a silk saree for only 600Rufiah!~ Was surely a good price.
PS: There is no bargaining in SL malls or shops

Next, we headed to Adam's Peak 
It was sure a long journey by bus to Adam's peak but worth it.
We got lazy and didnt do the sunrise hike but got a sunrise view from our place and hike afterwards.

 Read here for more !
 The views along the way are just beautiful.

And surely after the long hike, we just relax in our room which has the view of the tea plantation hills and Adam's peak.

Next , We took the train ride from Hattan to Nanu-oya.

And experienced 
( I strongly recommend doing this and taking the local train)

Upon reaching Nanu Oya....

Find out more here~

Plus, with such view ~

And The Next day, 

is a must do in Nanu Oya.
You not only get amazing views of Mts but also waterfalls and dangerous track bridges.

And our day trip to

We then continued on the Turbo Tuk Tuk to Arugam Bay and
there around Kumana National park, 

Around Kumana park, there is a huge rock mt.
And not to forget swimming in Arugam bay 

Plus the wild life we had seen on the way was amazing!
herds of bulls, peacocks, black face monkey and even an Elephant that charged on our tuk tuk !

After that we took the public bus up to Haputale

Had an amazing viw all the way up

But then misty later in the afternoon and then heavy rain. 
Just like what the local told us, Haputale has the heaviest rain on Sri Lanka.

But the Next day morning, the view from our Hotel room surprised us.

Amazingly gorgeous!
Good Morning at 6am !!!

We could just spend whole day in the room with such view but we decided it's best to get to the famous Lipton's Seat.

That evening we witnessed an amazing phenomeneon , Our area in the highlands were covered in dark rain clouds, raining with lightning and thunder but then, far away we could see the better weather.

We spent 3 nights there and was totally worth it !

Then being so much in the Mt area, we decided to go back down up north to the famous
 Trincomalee beaches.

Deers on Trincomalee lika BOSS
were spotted roaming wildly in the city eating garbages and  chillin lika BOSS

And we went a day trip to Nilaveli Beach.

But it was all worth it after a day rest and woke up to a gorgeous view of

The reflection of the lake at times look like aurora.

And that's how we spend almost 3 weeks on Sri Lanka .
We sure did had enough curry. But the experience was magical.

What made Sri Lanka memorable to us were their people.
Other than that
was definitely the train rides and the Mt,,  + Tea plantations view.
There are so much greenery and rainforest here compared to Malaysia.
Most of all, the public transportation is very convenient and easy accesible compared to Malaysia.
Especially to those rural village areas, I'm surprised that their buses are very frequent and cheap. 

We rarely see beggars especially in the village areas. 
What most of them asked for was a Ballpen.
I still can't understand why Ballpen?
And so, if you know do comment below on why they would like to have Ballpen.

And that's all about Sri Lanka for now,
Thanks for reading !!


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