Backpacking on Jeju Island

Jeju Island is well known among the Koreans as the island where they go for Honeymoon.
Well, you can go on a backpacking honeymoon too !

When we arrived Jeju Island,
we felt a warm welcome from the local people as we stepped into a restaurant,
ordering so called "simple meals" 
by Korean standard..

Dolsot bimbap is my favourite
Whereas he ordered some spicy bulgogi dish.

The local guys beside us were having BBQ meat and lots of other side dishes and saw our 
"pathethic meal". So, he ordered more meat and offered to us,
plus lots of Drinking.. the korean way.

It's the first time we ever got such hospitality from an unknown stranger in Korea then.
I barely understand him but just had to pretend I did,
All I said was "nehhhh (means Yes)"

And that's how we started our Next day
 exploring Jeju Island with a
morning Hangover !

We started finding shops to rent a bike as public transportation was a bit complicated and slow on that island.
However, we asked several shops and got rejected as we both have no licence.
Well, we still gotta make the BEST Out of it and 
Had to go through lots of research and asking locals to get to the spots. Thankfully, we have 5days on Jeju Island to explore.

Public Transport on Jeju Island

Well, there are transport we stayed Jeju-do which is near the airport . However , to get to the sights would take a long time as most of the sights are quite scattered.

To Hallasan mt Climbing spot or Donaaeko which is on the Way to Seogwipo~ Take Bus 5.16 ( 3000Won per way)
Dont worry, on the bus the annoucement is in English

To get here, we took the bus 5.16, 
Which would stop us by the road side and we had to walk up to the entrance about 20min and then walk in the forest to the streams.
We were recommended to go a secret stream call Donaeko which the water is so clear, the rock formation are big, unique and has holes in it due to previous volcanic explosion and the WAATERRR is FREEZZIINNNGG COLD!
It's worth a DIP!

Well, we then later catch the bus again and took all the way to Seogwipo. However, there is no bus or public transport that drive us all the way to the famous waterfalls. So we had to walk about 30mins there which was quite a distance from the city.
Jeongbang  waterfall entrance fee ; 1000won per entry.
I'd say we came at the right time  during sunset and the view was gorgeous as the we get the lovely glare by the falls.
What I love most about this falls is that it's by the seaside and we are allowed to go on the rocky land just in front of the falls.

However, taking this shot got me a bit wet from the falling water.

We Took Bus 5.16 from Cityhall area which costs about 3000won per way.
That morning was COLD ~!! and I had to put on the Bf's jacket but I was super excited to see autumn colours !

Oedolgae Rock

The next day we came back Seogwipo again !

Thanks to Daejangkum ( a famous korean drama ) was flimed here and this place was packed with tourists from mainland.
It's about 2000won by taxi to this spot ! As cheap as taking a bus ride for 2 !)

Well, if you are a fan of the movie, instead of dressing up traditionally,
there is an instant cardboard to fit ur head in~

It wasn't easy for us to find a good spot to take photos but the good thing is,
we can climb on the rocks !

And that evening, we swam in the sea during Autumn,
The weather was warm but the seaside was empty.
We sure had fun being alone !

How to get To Seongsan 
was a bit tricky
PS: There is NO BUS Number
Bus terminal will have the buses there so just go to the terminal near the city hall centre and ask the locals to point out the bus names on the buses.
Seongsan is rated UNESCO as it's a crater which amazingly has stones arranged on its sides.
Lots of tourists visit here so prepare for the crowd!
I got this horse ride here for only 5,000won!

Feel free to walk around the shore , you can enjoy fresh seafood and some unique rock formations.

These are the equiptment the freedivers use.

And nearby you could take a Ferry to UDO island which the last ferry leaves at 5pm!
So, make sure u have about 3-4 Hours there!

On the ferry, we met this bunch of male students and this dude look so Gangnam style that we had to take pictures with him ! 
(Ps- Most students are seperated gendered for their school trips) 
On UDO island~ Some would insist for international driving licence even its for an ATV!
Go for the shop which is further away and believe me~ they wont ask about it!

Well, if you're looking for accomodations on Jeju Island ,

There are over 800 hotels on Jeju  that can be found on



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