Best train routes in Sri Lanka


Arriving Sri Lanka itself would sure bore you if you stay in the busy hectic town of Colombo.

As we took the train from Gampaha to Hattan .
Unfortunately, there wasnt much a view up to Hattan either and we were quite dissapointed with the crowded train despite paying 2nd class for it.
It was the express train, Blue Colour and it looks modern.

Well, what surprised us was from the train route from Hattan itself all the way to Badulla, 
the view then really started.
Acres and acres of tea plantation highland views from above,
and after the rain, with the misty view and sun shining on those misty clouds.
I thought I was in Heaven.

I can say it was magical and beautiful.
The best view I evered seen in my life.
The best slowest train I ever took in my life.
And I'm only 25 !

As we go through the tunnels, everytime....
Kids or boys or even immatured men would shout out the door or window
sounding like screaming wind ghosts.
Well, thankfully the old train mechanism is loud enough to make those sound less scary
as it sound more like a strong windy sound passing through our ears.
And from Hattan, our destination was Nanu-Oya,

seeing locals bathing in the waterfalls, 
and the smell of smoking tea factory around gives an appetising aroma.

It was sure safe to stand along the train doors as the train goes only about 15-20Kmh.
The only problem was that it's always the Best part where all the tourists and locals want to stand at.
As from there, you get a 180degree good view and plus a nice breeze of wind.

And so,

But do be sure you have lots of patience and time,
As these locals train can either be punctual or an hour late.
Sometimes even a long stops at stations.
But don't worry, the friendly locals here in 3rd class might have drums and music to entertain you.
2nd class makes no difference, but more of a guarantee for a seat.

But to me, the best seat would still be at the Door.
As I wouldnt be able to do that anymore in most of other countries.

And so, if you ever come to Sri Lanka. 
Don't hurry to see the Unesco sites, 
but take your time and enjoy their gorgeous train rides.


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