Bondi Beach on Giardini, Naxos

Giardini is one of the places on Sicilia, Italy
 with nice beaches and lots of Hotels around by the beach area which is THE PERFECT PLACE for beach bummers.
So who are the bummers?
(usually scandanavian or russian tourists who loves to get tan and lay all day by the beach !)

Well,Apparently we were not beach bummers but we still love swimming in the sea.
Our hotel was located about 5 walk away from Bondi beach.
It's Hotel Daphne with a swimming pool.

It takes about 15mins walk away to Giardini which is less convenient to get into a more touristy beach park area that are not FOC. 

So, since BONDI beach is FOC and close to our place, it became our favourite swimming spot.
Plus, we went over to Giardini and realized their sea isn't that clean due to the harbours and developement around there.

Here's the harbour on Giardini where we can see Taormina town on the Mt area.

There is no FREE beach laying spot as most you would have to pay entrance fee or rental for space.

Whereas, Bondi beach has no fences around to restrict your walking pathway and the hotels there are pretty lenient .

You won't be able to get the view of Taormina but there is a view of the Volcano Mt Etna.

Do note that it's not a sandy beach but more of rocks so it can get very hot to step on. 
Some hotels would provide free sun-umbrella and Mats for the beach ~ 
The water was clear like in Crete, Greece as well and relaxing to have a dip in it on a hot warm day.

Well, that's our morning routine before we start our day checkin out other places.



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