Exploring Gyeongju by bike

All the way from Seoul, we took a bus ride to Gyeongju and arrived in the evening.
Yet, we were still lucky not to end our day as Gyeongju is famous for the night view of this temple area and indeed, it was beautiful
It's a full moon on that day and the reflection of the lighting glow on the calm lake.
The carvings were super detailed and they even made a mini one !
There is even coloured light shone from beneath of the lake.

Photos copyright of Christian Bjerknes.

There is also a huge space of Lily flower pond around that area.

 And we went back to our host home and had a beautiful dream.
The next morning , we wokeup early and got our day started ! Thankfully our hosts has 2 bicycles so we were able to rent his bicycles and so we decided to reach the tourist spots

Our first stop was to hike  NAMSAN MT !
It was so flat all the way we had no problem cycling there. But then we had to park our bikes.

ANd started hiking !
Here's some pics of us as we found some nice spots to chill ~

Our Lunch, was Korean Bento Style as we had no time to find any restaurants along the way.

We were not well dressed like the other koreans though~

It's almost autumn and I got super excited seeing those coloured leaves !!

The Hike was pretty easy and we then continued down and cycled around.

Hijacked some broken down tractor.
Chill abit ~

 Before cycling up to

Seokguram Grotto [UNESCO World Heritage]

This part was THE MOST Challenging as it's so steeep~

But we made it!!!

And after walking around, we had to cycle all the way back ! In Total we cycled almost 35km and that exclude us hiking.

Again, it was so hard for us to find restaurants around there and we were so worried as the rim of the bicycle broke while I cycled down and it made very loud noises when I cycle. Still, I managed to cycle it back and we were SUPER HUNGRY at that time we went for an Unlimited Bulgogi Buffet for only about RM30, 10,000won per person.

Here's a picture of us in Gyeongju's mask festival.

We sure had a great time in Gyeongju with Lots of workout which was good as it trained us well to Hike Jeju Mt Hallasan then !!
Read here to know about on Backpacking Jeju Island~



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