Fruit of the Earth UV spray VS Haruhada UV skin Midst


Recently I have been crazy about sunblock sprays as I am really lazy to slowly spread the creamy sunlotion onto my skin~ 

So, here's my opinion on these 2 sunprays I have been using so far. 

The Haruhada UV skin midst is SPF30 and 30ML

Texture : Milky Liquid
Smell: Good  (not strong) 
Not oily.
Sunblock effectiveness : Mild ( but it's SPF30) 
Doesn't lasts so long

However, you will still need to spread a bit after the spray or lather around.
And it doesn't feel so oily so 
I like to use this on my face.

Fruit of the Earth UV spray
SPF 50 ,177ml

Texture: Transparent, oily 
Smell: Strong (I don't like the smell at all !)
Sunblock effectiveness: Good (SPF50) 

The good thing about this brand is that you don't need to lather around that much as it's transparent and shiny.
It's nice on the legs expecially when it gives a shiny glow on the skin making it look more healthy.
But, I don't recommend on the face cause it's very oily and feels like it contains alchohol/ something not suitable for the face.

Overall, I'd only use this for the legs where I can't smell so much of it.
I think the smell is very strong and not so nice.

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