Fruit of Earth VS Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel

Since 2012, I bought Nature's Republic Aloe Vera Gel from Korea,
I realized that gel was very good for my skin and wanted to try out more other kinds of Aloe vera gel as well,

Back then , it was expensive or hard to get in Malaysia so I tried out the Fruit of Earth 100% Aloe Vera gel.

My Skin Condition: Inner Dry , outer Oily and Sensitive.

Fruit of Earth Aloe Vera Gel  Price 
Back then when the US curency was low I could get 350ml for RM13. So It's quite a good price.
Now, I can only purchase the Smaller bottle 170g for RM9++

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel
I bought in Korea for RM15, but If purchase in bulk would be around RM13 Each.
But there is Nature Republic in KL and they sell it around RM25-30 per bottle

Here's How the Fruit on Earth Aloe Vera Gel looks like on my arm.

And the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel.

FruitOnEarth           VS           Nature Republic Aloe

              Thick              TEXTURE            Thin                               
            3/5                SoothingLVL                5/5                            
        Slow                  SpeedtoDry           Fast                         
5/5          Effectiveness on Wound       3/5                  
     5/5          Effectiveness on Sunburn      3/5                     
2/5        Effectiveness on Pimples     4/5        

What I like is to place these Aloe Gel in the fridge and for Nature Republic AloeGel , I would use it mainly for my face.
The Fruit on Earth Aloe Vera gel is a bit acidic as if I place it near my eyes, I would cry. So I do not recommend it for the face.
However, since my fiance Angmo always easily get sunburn,
I will use the Fruit on Earth aloe gel for his sunburn and it is much more soothing for him.

The texture of Fruit on earth is more thick like a Gel and sometimes it feels like it locks the moisture well. So, in times I really need to hydrate my skin in cold countries. 
I will first place hydrating masks & lotion, then place spread parts of the Fruit & Earth Aloe Gel on my face at night to lock the moisture. The gel still stays on my face the next morning and my face won't feel so dry !~

And that's all my opionion.



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