Fun Canal boat ride in Bangkok.

And so, after the River ride, we got off the harbour near Grand Palace and took a long walk to the canal river harbour.

Ps; It's about 20min walk.
And we passed by this place which is near the Democracy monument.
And then found the harbour near the Golden Mt temple.
It's sure not as crowded and less Market-ish compared to the river harbour near the Grand palace and very much local.

It was almost night then and so we decided to go Shopping ! The famous shopping district
Platinium !

Here's how the canal looks like , it's much narrow and during the day time you can see the wooden houses along the canal.

What was Super fun about the ride is that it was CHOPPY ! Like Lots of Waves especially when the another boat drives by, the whole boat shakes and sometimes it feels quite dangerous for the ticket collector that only walks on the outside frame of the boat.
They got Life vests and helmet though~

That's how they collect the money.

The locals dislike seeing the view cause the water would splash in and there is a string they can pulll down to bring up the plastic cloth that coveres the boat preventing the water to splash in.
Well, i think the water might be super dirty so not a good idea to be splashed as well~!

And so, if you are in Bangkok, 
do try out their canal river to some destinations cause it's faster,
 you skip the terrible traffic and get to have some fun !!



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