Hiking the Highest Mt in Korea, Mt Hallasan

It was early morning when we wokeup in Jeju and we had to prepare ourselves early as 
it would take a long day today hiking to the peak of Mt Hallasan !
Due to us not having a licence, transportation was complicated there. 
PS- The bus routes on JEJU Island are mostly in Korean
It's best to get ask a local Korean

We Took Bus 5.16 from Cityhall area which costs about 3000won per way.
That morning was COLD ~!! and I had to put on the Bf's jacket but I was super excited to see autumn colours !

Don't worry if you have no water, they got fresh Mt water there.

Ahh~ I still kept these coloured leaves till now~ 

BEWARE, the rocky paths are very uneven and painful to balance on.
After awhile, you will get really tired from walking.
And after about 2 hours hike, we were only halfway there.

But there was a shop up there that sells ramen and a friend told us we must try the Ramen on Mt Hallasan.

There is a sign board stating the pathway to hike the Mt will be close at 12.30
and we didnt know so we took our sweet time to eat and then when we were there, it was 12pm!!
Anyhow, we still manage to continue our hike ! Pheww~~~
There are more proper stairs upon reaching the top

And not much of a view as the clouds have covered them all.
We were still lucky with the good weather though.

Plus, there is a dried up sleeping volcanic crater on the top.

And here are some hyper photos to rejoice!!!

A total hike of 8 hours ~~ My muscles were aching and I hated the most was their volcanic stone pathway that was very painful to step on.

Anyways, what made our day travelling back was in the bus.
I find it quite funny how I saw a guy wearing cute socks and slippers.

Back in 2012, I suppose I wasn't fit enough so hiking up Hallasan then was a challenge for me.
But looking back now after how many Mt i have been eg :
I think it's not that tough now for me.



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