Hiking Sri Lanka's tallest Mountain

Most would come to Adam's Peak for the famous Sunrise view but 
due to our lazyness , we started hiking in the morning~

So How to get to Adam's Peak

We took a train to Hattan, 
walked to the Bus station ( about 10 min walk) ,
took the Public bus to Maskeliya 
Then change take the bus to
Dalhousie. about 40rp each bus ride. 
In the Morning/ sometimes there is a direct bus to Dalhousie for only 75RP.
PS: There is nice views of blue lakes on the way~ 
( it's not common to see blue lakes in SL)

The journey took us about 3hours.

We arrived at night, slept our guest house at Achinika Inn.

The thing is that I definitely recommend coming here off season as the price of Guesthouse can be much cheaper than even stated on their site. 
As for the weather, morning is always the BEST !
The hiking trails are steps and Not Dangerous at all ~
Our room has hotwater & a super comfy bed but wifi is in the main area.
Most of all we had a nice view of the hill plantations and Adam's peak.
Our morning hike was just beautiful.
Passing by tea plantations and waterfalls.

And then coming up to a stupa... 
All the way up here is just nice not steep hills.
But then after, the challege comes and suddenly the steps becomes steeper and bigger.
The only trick to remain your stamina is to walk uphill Zigzag form.
Meanwhile, With a good weather, you get to see the view of the lakes.

With us taking photos and our time up there, it took us about 4hours plus to go up and come down.
Unfortunately it was misty when we arrived the top but anyhow, we were glad to see the lovely view all the way up !

We got back, rest our legs and next day walked around the tea plantation areas.
PS. There were lots of leeches on the plantation area so becareful /bring salf with you.
Not far downhill from Achinika Inn, we spotted a tea factory and they only allow visitors after 3/4pm.
We were too late for it but if you are there that time, do check it out~!
It's FREE!

Even if you don't plan to hike Adam's peak, I do think this place is very nice to walk around and chill relax in the hotel.

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