How I became a day Celebrity in Sri Lanka

Gampaha, was the place I bought this saree.
That day, I sure felt different when the ladies in the store dress me up in the saree.

But what I wouldn't expect was the amount of attention I got when I stepped

It's only 6.30pm in the morning in this picture and most folks are still asleep.
The early ones  on the street are starring at me below.
And then, we started walking on the train tracks as the train would only then arrive at 9am.
Before that, an express train cameby and locals on the train were shocked and yelling to their friends to check me out as if I'm some exotic Panda from China.
All I can hear or intepret their expression is :" Look, A Chinese girl is in Saree!!!"

Well.apparently Im not the normal Chinese tourists.
and then they were taking their phones taking picture of me.

Then the train left and some locals came up to me for a picture / selfie !
How can I say No~

Our only way to escape was to get onto those train tracks !
But then, surprisingly, a lot of the locals walk on this train tracks.
But these locals look much poorer or not educated.
They didn't have handphones with them.
Only a smile on their face.

Well, a dog came up and followed me~
I must have smelt different in a Saree :P

The train ride begun.

And the attention became more extreme as they just kept smilling and looking for minutes.
It was a bit uncomfortable but I wished I spoke Singhala or they could speak better English so we can coverse a bit.
We went Pattipola, had some fun with their buses that goes no where.
Some locals came to me ask me if I was an actress or from the media.
Gave us a bunch of fresh carrots and took photos.

I stepped onto a cow shit and a local guy saw it, 
showed me a water pipe and washed my slippers for me !!
I was so touched~~
And then next we took the train to GreatWestern station
just because it sounds cool~

But there was a small town downhill and the kids were running after us , following us around and shouting to us in English: What's your name, That's all. 

It was sure a Fun day ride ~ 
I sure have no idea if my photos went viral on the Sri Lankan Fb that day 
but that whole day of crazy attention was enough.

To the tamils in Sri Lanka, 
I would always reply Romba Nandri when I heard them say 
Ni Romba /Ede Saree/ Cina Alaga ereke,

Whereas the Singhala would say Rasanai 
and I would reply Stutti ~

And the shocked on their face is priceless especially the tamils, 
as they had never seen a Chinese speaking tamil ever. 
(And then I have to start explaining there are lots of Tamil people in Malaysia )
*I'm so Proud of our Multiculture country that the language we learnt these years are so usefull out of our country



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