How to Pose for Travel photos

I'm blessed with a wondering partner that dedicates his time taking photos of me when we travel.

Without him, I believe someone else might have take worst photos of me.

Anyways, Here's some ideas for you if you wana pose and look good in your travel photos .

Well, I'm not a model or the Best poser on Instagram but here's my tips.

Always try to stretch your arm or legs as long as possible.
I got short arms and legs so doing such would make me look taller and have slimmer arms.

You don't have to always Look at the Camera
It's so common that our travel photos are always looking at the camera that sometimes makes our smile fake. Other than that, you can try using jackets or things you have such as your handbag as some pose item. 

The Enjoy Look 
Travelling is enjoyable and so does your expression when you take picture with a picturistic background, why not show how much you love and enjoy being there. Plus, always remember to face the sun. The sunlight will make you look prettier and get a nice tan.

 One Leg in front of the Other
This is a famous trick where most celebrity use to look better in the photos as well.
It's a magic effect making us women looking slimmer and taller ~ !
Try it !

 Strech Out Pose 
In this pose, its not as stretch out as some poses by the beach where it looks like im doing yoga but good enough to pull it off and make me look like I have longer legs and smaller waist.

Here's one Yoga like weird pose I did on the Flying temple Deqen. 

The Selfie Pose
Well, no need desciption everyone knows how to do this easily !

Pic taken o Lashihai, Lijiang, China
 The High5 Pose 
From the top angle , I sure look like I have a smaller face.
Don't forget to smile!!

Try to Fit in Pose
In certain places, If you see windows or interesting architetures where you can fit in, just try it and Show your legs !

The Floating Yoga Pose
Stretch it out and slant a little to show the waist line.

The Headache Pose 
Ahh ,, you can never go Wrong with this pose.
Just make sure you shave your armpit before posing !

The Silhouette Pose

During the sunset or low light condition it's best to take a Silhouette Pose.
But How to pose? For such, it's quite tricky as a normal smile can't be seen in the picture so
you gotta think of Dancing, Yoga , or some position which are creative to match the background.
Don't forget to show your Shapy body by doing the S curve Pose ! 

The Eating and Drinking Pose 

This would be the most torturing pose of all as you would need to freeze for the pose.
I usually have a piggy look on my face when I eat so I prefer not eating it yet but opening my mouth just to show , I'm gonna eat it now~!! By opening the mouth, you make your chin longer so looks like you have a smaller face !

Ths is just plain credits to the photographer for the nice angle that makes me leg look Loongggggg.

The Bollywood Pose  
Swinging around with joy is one of my favourite pose of all ~!
Well, so not ! I probably lost a lot of weight from just trying to have myself not falling off the rail.
Still, I gotta smile and look like I'm having fun !
If the train was moving, I might have fallen off then
Let it Blowww Pose

Well, this was extremely fun especially in a Saree, the cloth being blown does give a cool effect.
Now , I can start going for an audition to be in a Bollywood movie.

And that's all about my Noob advice about posing.

Hope to enjoy it.



HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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