How to travel light and still Stay Fashionable.

Travelling Light??

I love travelling and who doesn't. But travelling light is definitely a challege for me cause
I believe, being in a beautiful place, I want to keep the memory looking in one of my best outfits
so I can show my future kids how young and pretty I look like when I was young .
Most of my friends assume when I travel, I would carry a luggage carry on with lots of clothes !
 But the truth is, 
I only Backpack travel.
Meaning, I Do Not use roll-on lugggage.
But then, how?
Well, first of all, I'm tiny.
I'm 150cm tall and 40-45kg ( I bcome fatter in Norway)
My backpack is 35L 

It's totally not easy being a women huh? So min two day before my travels, I would lay my clothes on my bed, and start picking.
Then, I start mixing and matching by wearing them .( my own fashion Show) 
Then I look into the mirror and decide if it's ok.
My fiance becomes my fashion judge at times too.
When I do my fashion, I'll think of various way to have 1 bottom matching various kinda of tops.
I'm not a Jeans / pants person so most of the time it's tights, skirts and shorts. 
Let's say It's a Month,
I'll choose to have 1pants, 3skirts, 2shorts,
A lot of different kinda tops( Depends),1 dress, Some scarfs, 1 or 2 hats,2 clinchers,Hot country ( 1 light sport shoes), Cold country (2shoes)

More tops than Bottoms 

Everytime I travel, I would pack in more tops than bottoms.
If it's a warm country, the packings are quite easy as my clothes are tiny. For instance in the pic below, it's the same white long skirt.
I love long skirts as it matches very well and it gives more coverage in places where sexy-ness becomes a bad attention.

Play with the colours.
Pack various kinda colour tops / bottoms and the colours makes a difference in how the clothes look like. If the colours are in contrast, make sure it's high waist so it doesn't make you look too short.

The Transformable Gown/Dress /Tops

I got the Transformable dress and bought like 5 different colours of them all in different designs.
But my utmost favourite is this white gown.
I Love White colour it looks just pure and not so warm wearing them in tropical countries.
What's best about this dress is that you can just tie and transfrom in to another look of your desire.
To be less sexy, elegant or sexy.
It gives you the choice to wear such to different places and various occasions while you travel.

As for this transformable top, I love it as it gives me the freedom to change the design of the top by just tieing them on either to the neck or on my shoulders. Some excessive parts can be hidden inside and it won't be obvious ! 

Be Creative !

It doesn't mean you need to bring lot of clothes to make it look different. 
Sometimes, with the same clothes, you can even make it into a head scarf ,bandana or even a belt as accesories. If you realize the picture below, the same scarf top is then used as a head scarf when we visited a local family on Maldives island, Mathiveri.

Here to Read about My Backpacking Journey in Maldives


Bring the best matching sunglass, clinchers ,hats or even necklace that aren't too heavy and always have them places in your handbag luggage carry on as then it wont be heavy on your check-in luagge or carry-on limited weight.
I love clinchers as they make a huge difference and sometimes makes it much more high waist than the usual skirts/ pants.
Since I'm quite short, high waist style suits me best!

Always bring the most comfy ones that blends in whatever colour clothes. Brown colour suits best for all kinds of outfits. My all time favourite slippers- Flip Flops. And I now have 4pairs of them in Black, Grey, Brown, Beige.
Whereas, cold countries,
I'll wear my favourite boots when check-in, and pack my black & beige colour ballerina shoes .

That's all about my way of travelling !!
Hope it would inspire you guys to travel and stay fashionable !



HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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