How to use the Free Buses rides in Gotemba,Japan


is located near Mt Fuji and it was where we stayed close to Fujisan area.
 What surprised us was that there were several shuttle bus services around there which gave us sort of FREE transport !
Transportation in Gotemba itself was quite pricey as the fare from Gotemba to Kawaguchiko costs more than 1000 Yen and it was only less than 30min bus ride.

Thanks for their information centre, we only only knew the shuttle bus scedules but also we got discounted coupons for onsens or other services.

For instance. 
We found out there was a free Shuttle bus to the famous Hotspring with Mt Fuji view.
And 100Yen coupon discount per person for the entry.

Fuji-Hakkei Onsen
It has One of the best view and plus, we got a really good view from the hill. But you have to take note that there is only 1 (one) free shuttle bus up to Fuji-Hakkei from JR Gotemba station, and there is only 1 (one) free shuttle bus down to JR Gotemba station from the onsen house.

Gotemba 09:50 departure
Fuji-Hakkei 13:30 departure

And so, we had an early morning soak in the hottub looking towards the Mt fuji view.
There is no outdoor roofless hotspring, it's covered but with a Huge glass window overlooking Mt Fuji. We had a lovely weather and there was a ring of clouds right above Mt Fuji.
Right After our soak, we had lots of time to burn before the shuttle bus come later at 1.30pm.
So, we walked down hill where they have a pavillion view point.
And enjoy the view.

And then after, we took the frequent Shuttle bus to Gotemba Premium Outlets !

Not far from there, is the Peace park ~
So, if you wana have a free ride there, just get onto the Shuttle bus to Premium Outlets and walk abit there~

Then after checkin out the peace park, we went to the Premium Outlet~
We just get so much of the beauty of Mt Fuji on the background.

Next day, We then took another Shuttle bus that goes to 
Gotemba Kogen Park !!!

I totally recommend coming here ~
There is so much interesting things to see in the park area which is FOC.
Free shuttle bus services operating from"Mishima Station" and "Gotemba Station".

We took the 1st bus to Gotemba Kogen Park ,

look around a bit and then took their next shuttle bus from there to Mishima Station.
Then from Mishima station, we took the train to Atami !!

And then coming back we did the same way and got to see the lovely night lights in Gotemba Kogen Park.
And their night view is amazing !!!
so don't missed out ~~

After Gotemba, we took a loong bus ride to Nagoya and said goodbye to Mt Fuji.
It was sure a nice place with a view of Fuji with lots of Free Shuttle buses around ~!

And that's how to spent wisely our time in Gotemba! 



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