How we ended up staying above the Bank in Sri Lanka

It all started with a 

It stopped raining and right off the train station we hopped onto the bus to Nuwara Eliya.
It wasn't sucha long ride and soon we arrive there realizing it was packed with locals and tourists.

It was during the Chinese National Holiday and also the local red moon holiday.
Nuware Eliya was totally different from other Sri Lankan town we had seen before.
It was full of colonial buildings.
Buildings that look British, or European.
It felt like I just came to "The french village on the Mt in Malaysia"
Where locals go there to feel as if they are out of the country.

It felt Fake.

But, we still we saw a vertical rainbow that day before hopping onto the bus.
Nevertheless, we got off the bus and tried our luck to find a guest house for the night.
After trying out luck for 30mins of walking in and out of the hotels, 
they all replied "FULLY Booked or No ROOM".
We were tired and then decided to go back to Nanu-Oya and probably they might have guest houses there.
It was dark at 7pm then,We hopped on again to the bus and it was the exact same Bus we got on !
The bus conductor laughed at us and had no idea if there is guest house around Nanu-Oya.
We walked around Nanu-oya, spotted restaurants 
that names Hotel.

So We went in and asked: Hi , Do you have ROOM?
They replied: NO NO ROOM.
I said: But your place name is HOTEL?
Replied: YA Restaurant name Sudha Hotel, But No Room , No Room!

Then we asked them again ; Then , WHERE ROOM?
They replied: People's Bank, On top , on top!!

We were like : WTF? A Bank??
And so, we did gave it a try, found a stair up there and the owner showed us the room. It has no hotwater and wifi. 
But we were desperate for a night and said Yes.

There was surely no sign of it as a guest house but we were glad to found this place.

That night , we had a short chat with the owner and he even told us a secret:
" There is a secret pathway from his house to the bank !" He showed us the hidden floor !!

And I said :" Cool !! Let's ROB the Bank !" 
He sure laughed out loud and said :" Too bad ,I'm good friends with the Bank Manager" ~
It was sure a  great night chatting with the owner. 
Next Morning, we got tea served for Breakfast and 
the owner's wife helped me with the Saree and
Most of all, I realized most people in this area spoke tamil.
Especially the Sudah Hotel Restaurant.
We became good friends with them and ate there everyday.
And sure enough that small town, words got spread around of us and that I could speak a bit of Tamil. People would just passby and talk some tamil to me.

So, other that Nuware Eliya ( which is touristy and fake) around,
Why not try walking on the train tracks in this area?

The view around here is just amazing and not only you might spot friendly locals, but also friendly Dogs.



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