How I broke my phone in my Bra.


I got my Asus phone from d fiance like a year ago and thought it was a great phone but after having too much apps and overloading it with musics, videos and images, 
the phone became really slow and laggy.

I have been so keen on getting a new phone but the thing about after travelling to those poor countries,
I have this guilt feeling of purchasing things without having my phone broken. 
It's a total waste to get a new phone and then I'll have an extra spare phone which I already had from before.

Anyways, it's quite stupid of me to get a new phone for this reason as well but here's how I broke it in my bra !

Of all the places I had been before with this phone, I can't believe I would have broke it in my Bra.

I was jogging with my friend one morning in Songsvann lake, Oslo,
then i had no pockets to place my phone to jog with.
So she suggested :
: just keep it in your sports bra.

And YES, I jogged with it.

Unfortunately, the sweat went in it and then the phone started to have dot patches and then eventually lines.
Only after a few days I concluded it got broken by my sweat.
Before that I thought it was the pressure or vibration that broke my phone. 

So, Lesson learnt, 
Never jog with your phone in the sports bra.
or just be quick and dry the phone fast after that.

And there goes my idea of purchasing a new phone !


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