Monkeys and Bamboo forest in Kyoto

Everyone who goes to Japan usually would go to Kyoto as this place is famous for their culture and heritage.

Well, it was my first time to Kyoto, and after a bad hangover from the Zombie Hanami party the day before,
  I woke up and made the weirdest decision of all,
Visiting the Monkey & bamboo forest in Kyoto.

YEA RIGHT?! We got so many Monkeys in Malaysia and I came all the way to Kyoto to see Monkeys!!

We bought a day pass bus card so we had the choice to stopover whenever we want and truely we spotted some celebration by the road side, stop over and join them !
These older ppl knight me with their swords ~
And they had HUGE umbrella~

Kid's were parade and dancing in this outfit

I got Knighted !

Some were just in the normal outfits and playing the flute.Too bad we had no idea how to speak Japanese so we had no idea what celebration was that ~

And after we came to the Monkey forest at last !!

It's 500 Yen per entrance and Well, their Monkeys look a bit different~
and Way more aggresive ~

This is the Best of closet pic so far I have with the japanese monkey~

There were some slides around there to play as well~

And not far is the bamboo forest which is so beautiful.
And FOC !

But there were lots of people due to the sakura season~
I tried Sakura flavour icecream( which is cherry) and it doesn't taste good at all ~

That night we walked up the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine~

And got to see a nice sunset upthere~

If you are in Kyoto in Spring, just be prepared with the crazy amount of tourists.
However, in this shrine has less people because of their crazy amount of stairs.
There is a back stairs in the forest there if you prefer the serenity.



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