My alltime favourite perfumes

Since young i wasn't a perfume person as I get disgusted being around people with a smell of strong perfume and their sweat smell. I am very sensitive to smell and thus,
strong perfumes are my worst enemy.
At times, i can even puke from just being too disgusted from those smells.

However, as I grow up, I found out there are some perfume out there that suits me ( light) and gives me mood~
I realized also the type of smell i prefer is more towards citrus and fresh.

Thus, here's my small collection of my favourite perfume that I had been using these few years.

1#Clinique Happy ( bought in KL-2011)
I love this smell so much ! It's a sweet and yet fresh sense giving me to mood of romance and happiness. 
2#Davidoff Cool Water (Women) - (Cruise to Germany-2014)
This instead is a bit stronger but it has the freshness sense of the sea and blends well in my skin. 
3#EdPinaud LaMatinale de Penaud- (Gift from mum)
Well, this isn't a common brand and has the strongest smell with much more spice sense giving a morning freshness to energize my start of the day.

Recently, I just bought a New Perfume in Norway
Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers.
I fell in love in this smell as it reminds me of my favourite kindergarten teacher when I was young.
In Norway, it's my top favourite perfume ~~
I got a bit lazy to bring it back Malaysia so I'll only get to use it when Im back in Norway~
Oh well, that's how it makes me 
Not tired of one paticular perfume smell~
 Well, since I travel, I usually transfer these perfumes into a mini perfume bottle spray. It's very useful as well as it reduces my weight. Other than that, I'd spray it on a peice of paper and stuff in my backpack to keep my clothes smell good all the time !!

And that's all ~



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