My Boyfriend is an Ang Mo, SO WHAT?!!

After being 4 years together, 
I had enough of the stereotypes comments about having an Ang Moh bf/fiance.

So What?!

Doesn't mean He would be OLD

In Europe, it's quite common that some rural places we get to see young asian ( Thai) whom are married to an elder men. There is even a TV channel about these  them travelling to Thailand to meet their wife to be. I meet a lot of them while on the flight with Norwegian air from Bangkok to Oslo and I get those stereotype looks when I say: My fiance's a Norwegian.
And They would respond : Oh~~ How Old is HE ?
Well, my reply would always surprised them ~ 

Doesn't mean He's RICH

Now come to Asia. The stereotype Asians would think that most Ang Mo around are super well off that they can scam or rip them off !
Especially travelling, I would always asked HIM to hide while I ask the price from a stall.
If He appears, the price would sure double up and It sucks to bargain about it.
There was once , we bought a mango for RM6 from a stall whereas the normal price is 1kg for Rm6 which would get us a few mangos instead !

if you have an Angmo Bf, do the same way too and It would safe your trip a lot on the run ~

Plus, old time friends would suddenly start messaging and then introduce some MLM company to join or even some friends would Out of the sudden ask me to borrow some money. If I say No, they would go like... Ask ur Bf la~ He Angmo so rich sure got wan...
Not ALL ANGMO Rich wan k~!

Doesn't mean He will treat me like a Princess

It's how common that the Asian men would like to treat their women like a princess and spoil them in whatever they want. Well, in their culture instead it's all about being independant and equality.
In this case, No, 
I am Not treated like a Princess from those Disney movies. 
There is equality in our Relationship and we respect each other in decision making.
He won't say Sorry for things I have done wrong just to spoil me but to correct me in taking responsibility of my action as a Women.

Doesn't mean I forget my MANGLISH

Well, sometimes we meet along some couples whom are the same as us but the difference I cant tolerate is that some "girls" would totally change their english accent even talking to me. 
Like Hey! You are Malaysian, I'm Malaysia, Speak Manglish Lah~
Doesn't mean being with HIM, you would totally change in person and forget your mother tongue Right?

Anyways, this is just my personal opinion that some people I kenot tahan.

Doesn't Mean He's a Player

4 Years before we started dating as friends, many of other friends had given me the advice of not to date Him just because they have in mind that ALL Ang Mos are Play Boys.
They just wana have fun and then forget you after they leave the country.
Well, I guess we just can't stereotype them just because of their Angmos. 
They are all different in their culture and personality.

To me, He was different. 
We had our first date after my facial and swollen eyes from tattoo eyeliner and
back then, he still thought I look pretty. 
And No, He's not a Player.

Doesn't mean I'm an AngMo Matchmaker

Again, Old time friends whom I havent Chat with suddenly message :
Hey, so nice ah you got AngMo bf~
Shiok la~~ 
Eh ?! You got other Handsome n Rich one intro me ah?
My Reply : @_@
I seriously don't know many single AngMoh men out there.
Probably Tinder or is better?

Doesn't mean I'm only CRAZY Over

Again, I do know some friends whom has only been dating "Ang Mos" and not Locals.
One dude even came up and told me: Why you all Chinese girls like Ang Moh men?
Or even he get comments that: Hey u, because of you Ang Mos, we guys hard to find Gf arnd !

Well, let me tell you.
I have dated more Asian men in my life than Ang mos. 
And it's not about the Height, Size or Race.
To me, it just happens that He's the one that can make me Happy even untill Now !


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