My Fiance is my Tuk Tuk Driver in Sri Lanka!

After spending days in the Mt areas in Sri Lanka,
we decide to get downhill a bit to have a long Turbo Tuk Tuk trip to Arugam Bay.

There nearby is Kumana National Park and just strolling around the park area, we were able to see Wild Elephants, peacocks, black face monkey and lots of bulls and cows.
No leopards of course.

Well, our friend then offered Christian, my fiance to try driving the tuk tuk and
surprisingly, He was able to ride it easily as it was similar to a manual car.
And he drove us for some time around the National park and it was sure fun !

We stop by to catch some Peacocks but they flew away...
YES, peacocks can FLY !

While the blackface monkey were scary.....

And THEY SURE Did not allow me to drive the Tuk tuk cause I have no licence and no knowledge of driving whatsoever~ But Oh well, i got to pose in it ! :D
This Tuk tuk is by the the Most Pimped up Tuk Tuk we ever seen in Sri Lanka so far !

The Tuk Tuk max speed is 50kmh per hour, and it consumes quite a lot of petrol for a "scooter"
This is the pimped up interior looks~ 

You can never guess that our friend whom bought this, is a German.

And the TUK TUK is surely an Asian size, 
not a good choice for tall people with long legs and huge head.
We did some stops hiking up the rocks in Kumana National Park area.

And met a wild Elephant that charged on us and gave us a fright of our life !
The Elephant could ramp the spike fences if He was angry enough but we were sure lucky~!

But with this slow tuk tuk speed...

I think the Elephant could have chased us off at the same speed.

It was sure one hell of an adventure  and we are so greatful for sure experience !



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