My Gyaru Outfits


Well, It's Only in Japan I get the chance to dress up Gyaru-ish without getting weird stares and
I always feel tempted to dress up gyaru everytime I see the others wears them and look super cute in it !

So Here's some of my sort of Gyaru look~

I tried wearing those sexy lace stockings once in Oslo and Denmark so
I'm so not gonna wear themin Europe countries~
My fiance thinks Gyaru outfits are very cute too !
But only suitable to wear in Japan or Asian countries~ 

This outfit I bought from Lisa-Lisa in Tokyo and

Most of my Outfits here are bought in Japan, even the boots as well. I usually come to Japan with a light handcarry luggage and then come back KL with a check in luggage. That's how crazy we shop in Japan ! 

I love shopping in Japan so much as they have lots of variety and are of good quality too. Plus, if you are lucky with the discounts, it's not very expensive afterall !



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