River Cruising in Bangkok

It was just a short stopover in Bangkok from a long flight from Norway and we
got really jetlag and just wana have a chillax day cruising along the Bangkok river.

Surprisingly, we found out there were river boats that goes all the way almost to 
Ko Kret which is an island in Nonthaburi.
Here to read more about Ko Kret Market.
Where we stayed was close to the Grand Palace

And after checkin out the Palace

We took a short walk towards the river harbour where the boat would depart from.
Well, it turn out to be extremely packed with tourists due to the China National Holiday.
And we had to wait some time for our turn.
The price of the boat was quite cheap as well ~

What I love about the Boat rides is that even it's packed, thai people are still very nice and polite whereby they won't push you.

Plus, in a hot weather in Bangkok, the nice breeze from the boat ride just feels so nice. 
And you get to see nice view of the Palaces, temples or even skyscrappers.

This is how the public boat looks like.

And the seats weren't super comfy but you get your own personal space.

We realized that it's the same price going off further distance places compared to the nearby ones and we decided to just took one end to not almost Nonthaburi as we can see there are less skyscrappers and very old wooden houses as we go furthur towards there and it might take us awhile to get back.
And so, we found a spot that looks like a temple but
it turn out to be a School that has a temple design. 
Then we went back to where we came from and
took a tuk tuk to 
Take The Canal River Ride ~~
After a loong time sitting in those slow steady boats, 
I urge my fiance to try out the Canal boats as I had been on there before.

And Indeed, it was much more FUN as those boats splashes and are way much choppy.

Here to read more about the Canal boat rides in Bangkok.



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