Shop on Groupon,Lazada,Rakuten and more plus get Cashback in return ~!

Recently I have found out a site which is worth if you are an online shopaholic ! Apparently, this site gives you cashback for shopping which is so much more worth than points cause it's real cash !

So, I've decided to Signup and Try it out !! No harm right ? 
Ps: This site is known for their top online deals and cashback site in Malaysia
Plus, they got all of the famous shopping sites I like and other Sites that I don't even know !!

And so, since my Phone broke , I had the urge of purchasing a New phone and decided to get one from Lazada but instead of going into Lazada site, I first Log into and then click on their Lazada logo. 
It will then show a page like this.
And then, I'm on Lazada site and I searched for the phone I wanted,
And Purchased it !

With the CIMB 15% off weekend discount, from the price of RM988,
I got the phone for about RM830 !!!!

Then, here comes the tricky part, there will be no notifications on you getting cashback from Shopback so you will need to check it after 1 or 2 days. 

And then after 2days, 
Set a reminder to check your Shopback
and WALLA !!! 
I got 6% cashback on what I Purchased!
Electronics - 6.0% Cashback | Non-electronics - 9.0% Cashback | Fashion - 10.0% Cashback 

Then after 60days, I would be then able to redeem it back.
In total, I actually paid RM830-RM50= RM780 !!!!

PS :If you face any errors (eg. payment rejected, incorrect details entered, among others) while paying at the checkout page - close that window, come back to ShopBack and click through to Lazada again before making your purchase. Cashback will be rejected if you face payment errors but still continue with payment.
- Complete purchase within the same window to qualify for cashback

Well, if you aren't a fan of Lazada, they got other sites as well ~
For instance you can

Enjoy free shipping on your favourite merchants!

I hope you totally understood the process of this site now and If 

you don't understand yet, here's more information details on How

 this site works!

For more detailed info, do check out this Youtube Video on it !


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