Shopping market on Ko Kret Island

Thanks to our friend in Bangkok, 
we were brought to check out a more local tourist market nearby Bangkok 
which is on an island.

Ko Kret is located abit further away from the main city centre so in order to get there, you can take their city river boat or drive to the nearest harbour to take a boat across to that island.

In our case, we drove there and there was a first interesting temple in sight at the harbour.
Which would not only give you the view of the island across but also the huge golden statue.

The local boat across costs just a few cents.

Surprisingly, most parts along the island road are market stalls and it was mainly the local tourists around. This coffee shop is famous on this island and close in the afternoon around 4-5. So, it's best to arrive this place before it's dark.
Other than that, the island is also known for their pottery making.
You can purchase cheap pottery here and also even drink from a cartoon drink which comes with the free pottery mug for only about 50baht

There were some stage performance when we were there too~

And lots of interesting kinds of local delicacies

By the river, we even spotted fishes overlapping each other.

and there is a slanted stupa here on this island.
The leaning Stupa~!

And some temples around to check out

It wouldn't take so long to check out part of the island~
there are also bike rental services to cycle around the island.

And we back to mainland.

The temple there also have an garden with interesting sculptures picturing the story.

We then had some yummy thai dinner~

And massage at Heathland spa, bangkok 

Was surely a nice day spent after our tiring flight from Norway.



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