The first Mandarake in Japan !

Since I first came to Japan, my first favourite shopping place for figurines turned out to be Mandarake ! Instead of loosing and getting upset from the game machinese, I get to purchase cheap figurines I like at a good price ! However, even we had been to Tokyo before we never bothered to check out the original shop where it started. PS. There are Mandarake in Shibuya, Akihabara, Ikebukuro and lastly Nakano(the original one )

So here's some reasons why you must visit  the Nakano Mandarake.
How to get to Nakano.
So we stayed in Shibuya and then we only had to take the train change at shinjuku then transfer to the another train line to Nakano.

Well, if u haven't been Osaka before, Nakano looks kinda like Osaka once u get out of the station into their covered market shopping zone which u just need to walk straight to Nakano broadway.
What's special about the Mandrake here is that it is in a shopping mall, not a whole connect building like the usual ones we see. Go to the top floor and you will realize the Mandarake shopping zone are separated by shops.

Like one shop sells gundam figurines, next are the DVDs, or Japanese anime zone. It can be a bit confusing but don't worry, get their map and go around the few floors around and explore them ! Its like a Toy museum and you get to see some really cool antique toys for foc ! Or even buy them.

This is one shop without a cashier, only cameras and its hidden. Only short ppl can spot it out !!

Well, as for shopping wise, if ur an antique toy lover, u can find good stuffs there. As for new or more variety of the latest collections, I must say they lack of it. However, fear not ! There are many more Mandarake to check out in Tokyo!
Have fun shopping !

PS. I love shopping in Tokyo ! Bought new accessories n cute outfits ~ 



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