The Godfather scene on Sicilia,Italy

Forza d'agro
is where this location was. 
But I never know that The Godfather movie was flimed in an area not far from our hotel !

As you know Sicilia is quite a big island and it takes some time to travel to certain places.
Staying in Giardini, Naxos we decide to go to Forza d Agro, which is just a couple of distance away from Taormina which is the next town to ours.

However, we sure did not expect that not many would take the public transport here and 
we were apparently the Only one on the bus going there.

The view on the way was much more spectacular than expected. 
It feels like the village, forza de agro is much higher than the tallest village - Castlemola.
Plus, on the way , we got to see a ruin castle by the cliff. 
And when we arrive Forza de agro, we were instantly stunned by the amazing view.
An old italian couple took picture of us and insisted that I Must Have my HAT on.
Cause it's just so lovely~
It was the sweetest comment ever~
And what we sure did not missed was this famous church on Forza de Agro. 
There is a free exhibition in there of their history of the true Godfathers that stayed there for generations.

Don't miss out trying out their homemade Gelato in some gelatoria. ( ice cream /dessert shops)

And some old churches around which looks much more basic and less grand.

If you go up hill around the village towards the abandon castle, be careful not to lost your way or try to go the wrong way. We bumped into an old big belly Italian dude that looked at us sternly saying: NO, BAD Way, Go This way. 
As we tried to go some smaller lane leading to some housing areas but he insisted us going on the creepy abandon building way.

Well, it was hot and day time so how creepy could it be?
The more we walked up, the more abandon and ruin buildings we see.
Most of the house around there were just rocks and we hardly see anyone around.

But, we got a nice view & rested on an abandon castle guard tower.
The windows were slanted so enemies can't see them from afar.


As we walked up to the tower, with excitement !
I suddenly froze when I arrived the entrance where there were so many tombstones around.
There were blocks of stone coffin with big pictures of the dead.

The Graveyard Castle on Sicilia

Well,  it was not as pretty as the graveyards in Norway but what was scary is that, these tombs looked abandoned and some were broken !
I could even see an empty broken coffin from afar !!!!
And, we were the only one there. 
No other tourists at all.
My heart felt extremely uneasy but still full of curiosity.
What i realized that I peak into some broken coffin and there wasnt any bones there at all ~!
But there is a nice view from this castle and there was a mini church in the middle of the castle.
We also found a cave that leads underground but weren't brave enough to go down to explore more.
And....... we went back downtown 
and walked around the abandon villages around that area.
We chose another pathway down, and found some villages with beautiful houses on the way.

Well, it turned out we came down to the same path where the
Old Italian mafia dude stopped us from entering that household area.
That was the area where one of the Godfather scene was flim at and a house even had that scene picture printed on the tile and stuck in onto their house wall.
We had a nice meal with a view restaurant ~!
It was sure worth it !

A place I sure would not forget.
As I have met an "Old Italian Mafia",
 Walked through an eerie ruin village &
 an Italian Graveyard Castle 
What a day in Sicily !



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