The Great Western Station, Sri Lanka


Upon our arrival to Nanu-oya, we passed by an unknown station called 
The Great Western Station.
Well, aren't you curious of this station when you heard about their name?

And so, we decided to stop off this station.
The journey ride was absolutely gorgeous.
And  here, how it looked like before departing.
It was packed.
But there wasn't anyone except for the train master and his fellow workers in this station.
We got off and instantly the train master came to us and asked :
"Where are you going?"
We replied: Just looking around. Any town nearby here or attractions?“
Well,he lifted one of his eyebrow and said :
There is no town here. Just some tiny village down there。

and so, that's our only path then~
We walked down some tea plantation area and then spotted a hindu temple from above.
Then a local kid saw us, 
shouted out loud to his village area and out of a sudden,
so many kids came and they were all saying Hi to us.
Too bad it was a monday and temple was close~ so we couldnt visit. But the kids were following us around and locals were shouting what's your name from afar.

Right opposite the temple was a church~! The church here has an altar in front and their building just look like an ordinary house.

Whereas , we walked around and saw a house where the dog and chicken did not move at all !
They were protecting the empty house ~

 And then we had to head back to our station to catch our train back and said several times goodbye to the local kids around.

It was sure a nice peaceful village around there but nothing GREAT or Western history in this area.


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