Travelling with Wedding Gown??

Ever wonder how's it like travelling with a gown?

Apparently some friends in Norway might think it's CRAZY cause it's not common for Europeans to do a "Pre-wedding" photoshoot.
Plus, there is such thing that the Bridegroom is not allowed to see his future bride in the wedding gown.

Well, FYI , I'm Asian  aka. Malaysian and it's our "thing" in Asia to have Pre Wedding photoshoots before the DAY. 
The master behind these photos, My fiance, Christian.

I had been travelling for 5years now and have always been a light traveller with just only carry on luggage even if it's for a month.
(YES!!!below 7kgs plus I don't stink up my clothes)

And since after The proposal,
and the idea of taking travelling photos of my in my wedding gown,
I thought to myself, 
my luggage is gonna be much heavier with the gowns.

Finding the Perfect Travel gown.
It was not easy to find a light weight travel gown with some kinda quality but I did found it !
It's Lightweight
It's easy to wear (with zippers)
It's Elegant
It's Cheap

Why Cheap?
because this gown will be dragging on muddy growns or sands to give the perfect look. It will get dirty easily, so WHY spend so much money on a gown that you know it will get dirty?

Hiking with a Gown

When I mean Light, how Light can the gown be when it has some inner layers that drags longer than my height.

It will still feel heavy after hours of hiking and carrying it.

Protecting the Gown
Nevertheless, it's cheaper than the usual grand gowns, your heart will still break when you see the gown get's dirty dragging those dirty grounds. 
The worst is after a rainy day on a muddy ground.
And I always place my gown in a waterproof bag to protect it.

A Variety of gowns
Well, if you see d normal chinese pre-wedding photos,
the bride and groom will always have different set of outfits.
It would look boring as well to have the same outfit 
so, I got Myself another Gown too ~
This time, it's my old prom gown & it's much lighter than those puffy gowns for sure !
A good thing that it's different in colour than the white gown which sometimes would give a great contrast with the background view.

Another thing I have with me is different hair accesories or neckline accesories to make the white gown look different.

Getting into the gown !

Here's one of the most challenging things of travelling with it.
Of course I won't have the courage to walk out of the hotel, take bus or ride in a scooter with the gown.

Usually, I would always carry the gown whereever I go,
And If we find a nice spot with No ONE.
I would just change in the Bushes or behind the rocks.
Sometimes, It can be extremely annoying as in some countries, eg Indonesia, local kids/boys will follow wherever you go and spy on what you are doing. So we really do have to make sure NO One is around !

We have decided NOT to take photos in famous public areas as it might attract too much attentions and we are not a fan of it. 


Latest UPDATE!
I have created a New Blog 

There, I will be focusing more on the Pre-wedding photos and some Travel Beauty Tips !


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