Unboxing Huawei P7 bought from Lazada

Recently , I just bought a new phone after my previous phone broke in my bra .

And so, after some research, I decided to get a Huawei p7.
Lazada had a weekend sale and I got it for 15% off and according to the site, it comes with 3 gifts
which I thought was the phone cover, 8Gb micro sc card and screen protector.

What I totally did not expect when the package came it was huge !!!
I even asked the posman if he delivered a wrong parcel.

Well, it turned out this seller gave me 1 Huawei Umbrella, 
1 Huawei foldable travelling bag,
8Gb micro sd, 2 screen protector ( plus the phone had a screen protector on already),
2 rubber back case (transparent ,black)
2 full covered phone case ( black , white)
and of course my HUAWEI P7,
which included an earphone + charger.

So All together the free gifts were like 9 in total !!
I was like OMGGGGG 
This was by far the most free gifts i ever got from an online purchase item ~

It was too Good to be true and I opened the box,
check if it's original Huawei phone and
it even has Huawei company warranty card and all the proper original documents.

What a steal huh ?!

After charging my Huawei and testing out
I fitted it into my DIY mini phone bag cover ~
Ahhh~~ Im still so excited about my new phone !
Love it !!!!

PS: It's much lighter and thinner than the new P8/ P8 lite
and I paid RM830 after discount ~! 

But........... RM830 is not the final price as I got 6%discount rebate /cashback from Shopback.my
meaning I only paid RM780 !!

Recent update,
 Im now traveling in Japan with this new hp ! The camera quality is so good! Back camera 10mp , front camera 8mp. 



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