Walking on Train tracks in Sri Lanka

Ever watched those Bollywood movies when you were young and those actress, actors were singing and dancing on the train tracks ?
Hurray !
I feel like I'm in a Bollywood movie now ~

My mum was so worried when she saw pictures of me walking on the train tracks.

Apparently, before 9am in Nanu-Oya, It's safe to walk on train tracks.

If you are in other stations, do ask the station master what time is safe to walk on the train tracks or check the train time schedule.

Either way, it's not that dangerous as their train makes super loud honks and travel at quite a slow speed.

Here's when some locals on a tuk tuk stop by just to request for a photo with me. 
The 1 day that made me felt like a celebrity in Sri Lanka for sure.

This guy work to maintain the train tracks and change the train tracks manually.

from here, we get to see the tea factory below and the smell of tea aroma around this area.
It sure made me crave for tea !

Well, I had seen some Chinese tourist walk barefoot on these tracks But i do not recommend that as the local train have toilet holes that leads to the tracks.
Its extremely noticeable there are some grabage on the tracks and the red stuffs they spit out.

The track sights from Nanu-oya is surely pretty with waterfalls and scary bridges.

Here, we get to see the locals bathing and doing their laundry by the waterfall.

This high bridge was sure freaky, there is a huge gap that looks straight downward from the track.
The locals told me that these tracks are the only route or fastest route from their house to the town. They have no choice but to walk on this path and it's not scary for them at all.

These 4 boys just had their shower from the waterfall.

And in Nanu-oya station, there are some old carriages to pose with 

Some local dudes came and gave me their mini Guava,
My mum told me those days Guavas in Malaysia  were so tiny like this.
 It's now this era we get huge Guavas.

Well, it's special in Nanu-Oya you get a Foreigner's Washroom. 
It was the first and last foreigner's washroom we had seen .
Ps: It's not much cleaner than usual anyways. 
And here's how their local train looks like. 

Then again on Haputale, we walked on train tracks as well, 
but realized it's not as nice / interesting compared to the tracks in Nanu-Oya.

Walking on train tracks is kind of a good exercise. 
It's not that easy to walk on the track and enjoy the view at the same time as you will need to concentrate of walking so you don't walk on the gap which is filled with rubbish or dirty stuffs.
And of course, if you are wearing long skirt, watch out for those black tar/oil.
It might leave a stubborn stain on it ~ 
Oops.. yup I got that stain on my Saree...

Thanks for reading 
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