Washing Money in Zeniarai Benten shrine, Japan

If you are in Tokyo,
this place would be interesting for you to check out as it's only 55mins train ride away from Tokyo.

Zeniarai Benten shrine

How to get there:

From Tokyo Station: Take the JR Yokosuka Line Kamakura Station about 55 minutes, about 30 minutes walk from Kamakura Station.

It's not easy to find this place so I would reckon you get GPS or ask the tourist information counter once you arrive in Kamakura.
It's about 30-40 mins walk to here from the station.

However, I find it worth walking all the way here cause this shrine is really unique.

The entrance was surprisingly FREE

It's hard to notice it, but this temple is hidden in a cave like outlook appearence but
actually it's just a tunnel !

Which would then lead you to an open area which is still within a cave.

And then, you enter again the cave to visit the temple.

Now this cave temple is interesting as there is a ready made drain for locals to put their money in a basket and shower them with the holy water.

My basket and money.

And shower them all wet.

They believe these money will double !
As in, you will be blessed financially.

Not a good idea to shower so much of the paper money cuz it's gonna get wet and hard to dry.

I must say the experience was sure Interesting !!!
So, don't missed out if you're checkin out Kamakura ~


Sasuke Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 2-25-16
Tel: 0467-25-1081
Hours: 8:30: 00~ 5:00 pm
Admission: Free



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