What beauty products I buy from Japan

I Love Japanese products and have been using mostly just their products since I went to Japan for the first time in 2013. Moisturising lotion in Japan with hyaluronic acid works best for my skin and it's quite expensive to purchase Hada labo brand which is famous in Malaysia.
However, in Japan, there are much more variety of different facial products with hyaluronic acid. 
For me, Japanese quality have very good reputation.

So, instead of the bottles, I would purchase only the refillable as it's cheaper and works the same as well.Another thing is their makeup remover on the right also very good in removing makeup effectively without clogging my pores.

I purchase a lot of makeup remover as I usually would have makeup on when I travel except on flight or in the airport. Biore is very famous in Japan for their makeup remover as well .
It's less oily than the makeup remover I bought above in the picture.

On the Right is Haruhada Arbutin Whitening Milk Lotion which is also my favourite as it smells very good and also contains hylaurunic acid. It's very hydrating and not oily at all.

The mask on the Left is my Ultimate favourite from Japan. It costs only RM20 per pack which contains 30pieces and I can bring this on carry on without check-in !
The only problem is that I have to be very hygenic in picking the masks as it's all on One pack.
However, per mask is only few cents and it's so worth it as the quality of this mask is much better than those Taiwan and less oily than the Korean masks.

The one on the Right is from Taiwan which is a bit too much for my skin as I will have a bit of breakout after putting it on.

Here's the Japan Pure 5 Essence mask on my face.
It smells good too !!

I'm so excited to go to Japan again this autumn for more shoppings !!



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