What Beauty Products to buy from Sri Lanka

One thing about what I like when I travel is to purchase some of the local products and try em out.
This time I just got back from Sri Lanka and bought some products that I fell in love with.

My Skin Condition
I have a combination & sensitive skin.
Currently, at d age of 25, I'm still having a few pimples especially the "adult" ones where it grows mainly on the mouth areas.
So, I'm trying out facial products that are soothing and works effectively on pimple skin without drying it.

4ever Aloe vera acne Gel, 50G
Price: 120Rufiah
Key ingrediants:
Aloe Vera Gel, Tea tree (Melaleuca oil,Lunuwil Extract, Nut grass extract,Allontoin, Carbopol,Salicylic Acid, Glycerin,Edta, Fragrance.
More on their site.
Where did i purchased it?  In Foodcity mart/supermarket

My review: This acne gel smells like greentea and it gives a soothing feel to the pimples but isn't that effective in getting rid of the pimples quick.However, it surprisingly slowly reduce the inflammation and leaves no scar.

Facial wash 

Nature's Secret ( middle) Peppermint facial wash
Price:115 Rufiah 50ML
Instructions: Gently apply and wash off 
claims to be Soap Free

My Review : This pepper mint face wash is my favourite ! It's a gel wash form and  gives you a refreshing smell leaving a minty tinge on your skin feeling fresh. I was surprised that it wasn't as soapy as I would expected but comparing to the Janet Ayurveda Peppermint wash, it feels more soapy but what's amazing that it doesnt leave your face feeling dry at all. This product feels like it can last longer than the cream like texture of Janet Ayurveda.

Janet Ayuveda Peppermint Facial wash
Price150 Rufiah
Instructions: Wet face and leave it for 2 minutes before washing off
Ingrediants & claims:Soap free, 100%natural herbs peppermint,

My Review : This facial wash comes in a more creamy texture and the cleansing doesn't feel much after leaving it for 2minutes.
My skin gets too sensitive at times and feels very minty and a bit of burning sensation. The price is a bit higher and packaging looks prettier so I feel as if this product is of better quality than Nature's secret. Anyhow, I prefer using this creamy fash wash to remove my makeup as it's more effective in makeup removing wheas the other one would be great for just another face wash.

They sure leave on a very fresh minty feel and I like them both very much!

And so Is my skin getting better??

But it's not because only of these products I use. 
I still often put on face masks and now trying to use virgin coconut oil to remove my eyemakeup to see the difference.

And so, if you're in Sri Lanka, try out these beauty products they have as it seems like their ingrediants are quite good and natural.



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