What to do on Udo Island, Korea


How to Get to Udo Island
From Seongsan, the Ferry terminal to Udo island is only 10min walk away from the entrance,
The last ferry to come back is at 5pm so make sure you will have enough time to check out Udo Island.
I reckon 2-3 hours will be enough with a motor vehicle rental.

On the ferry, we met this bunch of male students and this dude look so Gangnam style that we had to take pictures with him ! 
(Ps- Most students are seperated gendered for their school trips) 


Udo Island is quite small. If you have lots of time and fit ,
they have bicycle rentals. 
Other than that, the faster and more fun way would be driving an ATV.
The roads on Udo is quite nice and safe. But with an ATV,
You can certainly drive off road and check out some of their wildlifes around.

Thus, I would recommend driving an ATV!

So, what if you have no licence ?
Don't worry
On UDO island~ Some would insist for international driving licence even its for an ATV!
Go for the shop which is further away and hopefully~ they wont ask about it!
 ( 2012 I was there n they didn't ask)

Well, now with your own transport,
You can drive up to some of their view point areas.

And check out wild horses by the sea area.

Or even walk on their volcanic stone beaches

And find some cool photo spot

And lasty, not to missed, 
The free divers women which are more commonly seen here compared to on Jeju island.
You can even ask them if they sell them then.
And so, I wasn't an oyster fan but was curious on How long can they hold their breath underwater.
So i asked one of the older ones, and she said :
about 10minutes

My mouth went wide open and i was so shocked how long they could hold their breath !

If you are a seafood fan, you must try out their fresh seafood there too !


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