Why Not go Haputale

known as the heaviest rain area of Sri Lanka.

A local friend totally not recommend us going there,
but a random stranger recommend us going there.

Who should we listen to?
Well, eventhough we dislike rain, 
we took the risk and went Haputale in the morning !

It was a great decision as we got a great view of this area all the way up from Wellawaya !!

What we love most was the Hotel we found. It had such a unique view.

A combination of the town and the view of the Mt downhill and even out to the sea horizon.

It was just so lovely to wake up to such view for those 2 mornings.

And have a cup of Ceylon tea before exploring this area.
IF let's say its raining and not misty, the view of the Dark rain clouds around this town and the view of the other side downhill with good weather is just an awesome view !
It's something I had never seen in my life ~

Well, there are train rides from Haputale to Badulla or the other direction.
Both directions of train rides has stunning Mt views all the way.
We took a day trip to Badulla to see the falls and it was so worth it. 
It was at night when we were on the train, we didnt get a view but we saw a lot of fireflies around and stars as well from the train !

Other than Lipton's Seat, 
there is a nearby Monastry called the Adisham. 
If you have time you can walk there or take the bus.

Other than that, I think it's just worth to sit , chill relax in the hotel with such view.

Would you like to go Haputale ?
I Hope you do.



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